Dogs got bathed. Board meeting. Getting ready to test margaritas.

Off they went to Pet Club first thing this morning – it was time for Kerby and Gizmo to have their three-week maintenance session with Danielle and Amber at Pet Club at 19th Ave and Northern. They go for grooming, then three weeks later go for maintenance bathing and minor trim. Elaine said that Gizmo was more than ready for a bath; he was getting a little odorous when up close, such as sleeping beside her at night! Perhaps this is because we have left his hair longer the last couple of months; we can’t help it because he looks so cute with longer hair. But next time it will be cut shorter.

While the boys were off getting great smelling again Elaine and I attended the monthly Royal Palm Social Club Board meeting this morning. This is always a good discussion session where ideas and concerns can be aired and discussed. Often items come from these meetings that need to be presented to the membership at the regular monthly meeting – coming this Saturday in this month. Other times ideas come up that the Board members need to explore and develop.

Elaine does not drink much alcohol, but she does like an occasional margarita – especially with my recipe. I like them, too. Because of this I did some research on margarita recipes online; I reviewed several dozen recipes from many sources. I also reviewed margarita mixes – the non-alcoholic part of a margarita.

Herradura Silver Tequila
Master of Mixes Margarita Mix

From this research I selected Herradura Silver Tequila for the base component and Master of Mixes Margarita Mixer for the citrus component. A silver tequila is recommended instead of the gold varieties since the golds have more flavor components that can change the flavor of the margarita. And Herradura came out in the top group in at least one taste test; I have not done any taste testing in this regard except for the tequila tasting I did while in Cabo San Lucas, and that consisted of tasting the various types of tequila. But so far those who have tasted my margaritas using those two components have given good reports.

There are two other components in my margarita recipe: Triple Sec and Agave Nectar. The Triple Sec mellows out the potentially harsh flavor of the tequila, and the Agave Nectar sweetens out the tartness of the citrus flavors in the mix. Those four, plus ice and lime and salt, comprise the basic margarita recipe. From there it is only in the proportions.

For Elaine I use a dash of agave nectar, ¼ shot of Triple Sec, ½ shot of tequila, and two shots of mix, then add crushed. For me I use a dash of agave nectar, ½ shot of  Triple Sec, 1 shot of tequila, and 1½ shots of mix, then add crushed ice.

But there are many variants of the margarita, and I plan to experiment with some. So tonight I did some shopping for alternate ingredients. I had done some shopping at Fry’s but could not find what I was looking for. Tonight I went to CVS, and did find one but not the others. So then I went to a nearby liquor store where I was able to find the other two ingredients. So over the next couple of weeks I will do some experimenting and will let you know about any new recipes I come up with. The alternates to the Triple Sec I will be testing are Cointreau, Blue Curacao, and Amaretto. The alternate to the agave nectar is honey. And I will try a straight mix of lime and lemon juice as an alternate to the Master of Mixes.

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