A couple of hours in World War II. Electrical problem fixed. The Blood Whisperer.

Forrest Sessions, WW II veteran

I spent about 2½ delightful hours this afternoon interviewing Royal Palm resident Forrest “Scotty” Sessions for the Royal Palm Spotlight section of the upcoming newsletter. This 95-year old gentleman was excited to share his history with me, after wondering on the phone why anyone would be interested in hearing his “uninteresting” story. Forrest was part of an Honor Flight from Phoenix in 2015 and brought out a wonderful photo album prepared by this grandson Jared and went over all the memories those photos entailed.

The Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America’s WWII and Korean War veterans for all their sacrifices. They transport our heroes, at no cost to them, to Washington, D.C. to reflect and be honored at their memorials. I could tell by the timber of his voice and the gleaming of his eyes that those memories meant a lot to him.

Then he reached over and started to lift a heavy briefcase (I picked it up for him) and place it on the table. As he opened it he moved around to a chair next to me so we could share the contents more easily. During the next hour and a half he took out one item after another from the briefcase and told me the story of and behind each item. While there were some early family photos and items, for the most part that briefcase was chock full of mementos of his service in the US Army during World War II. From his early training in the US to his service in the European Theater, including a D-Day landing on Utah Beach, he had many, many mementos and many stories to go with them. He served in the Medic Corps, so saw service close to the front in many cases. He has a Purple Heart for a shrapnel injury during wartime. I took lots of notes, and now I have to pull a one-page story out of 90 years of his life. I wish I had two or three pages available!

An electrician came over today and fixed my goof in the wiring in our office. He cut  into the wall from the inside, installed a pair of boxes, and spliced in new wiring between them. All is well now.

We started our day fasting and headed to the local LabCorp office for routine blood tests. These were the tests we should have had last week, but I forgot then to fast and had breakfast. Dr Johnson called for these tests as part of our annual physical. The young woman who took our samples has a sign in her office calling her “The Blood Whisperer”. Good call – she was good and smooth.

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