Cat in tree. Faces for planters. Newsletter done.

cat in tree
The cat high in the tree.
tree and cat
Here’s the tall royal palm tree with the cat

A day or so ago I heard a cat crying when I took the boys out for a walk. I tried to figure out where it was coming from; it seemed to be coming from high in a royal  palm tree, but I could not see a cat or accurately locate the origin. I heard it several times. This morning I heard it again and this time was able to locate the cat, high in the palm tree about 35 feet above the ground. I called the Fire Department non-emergency number and the woman I spoke with said that most times these cats come down on their own. She’s known of one that spent a week high in a tree in the middle of summer.

So I took a dish of water and placed it on the ground near the tree, letting the cat know I saw it and what I was doing. I didn’t hear the cat when I went out a few hours later, and when we came back from swimming Elaine said she saw the cat running across a neighbor’s yard across the street, so apparently it is down and safe again.

Marv Fitchett took the siding panels I was saving for the planter box facing and cut them into equal-width strips and dropped them off this morning. I got out the leftover outside trim paint and we went to The Home Depot, where I asked them to shake it up for me. We also got some plastic sheeting and a roller kit. Back home I had three of the six panels laid out on stands on our patio and they got painted today. Tomorrow we’ll paint the other three and be ready to continue building the boxes.

I got the review comments back on the newsletter and was able to wrap it up this afternoon. I even remembered to set up the puzzle this month! Tomorrow I will take it to the printer.

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