AZ hot, AZ cold, AZ windy.

We have been having above-average temperatures here in the Valley of the Sun the last couple of weeks. Average is around 85° at this time of year yet we have had many back to back 90+ days; this last Sunday parts of the Valley had temps of 100° and 101°. Not totally unusual. From “Over the past 30 years, the average first day of 100-degree weather is May 2, according to National Weather Service statistics. We’re already a month past the record for earliest triple-digit temperatures — that happened March 26, 1988.” Our current forecast calls for a drop to just below average on Thursday, but the temperatures will climb above average and into the 90s again soon.

While we here in the Valley are experiencing higher than normal temperatures, the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort has announced they are extending their season into May. Snowbowl is one of four ski resorts (Arizona Snowbowl, Elk Ridge in Williams, Sunrise Park near Greer, and Mt Lemmon Ski Valley near Summerhaven) in the state, and is located just north of Flagstaff.

And for the last couple of days we have experienced higher winds. Today, for example, we had winds with sustained speeds in the 20-30 mph range with higher gusts. Those get the tall royal palm trees to swaying! It also makes it somewhat uncomfortable coming out of the pool, but we went anyway. The water has cleared up again after being shocked yesterday.

On another note, the winds are making it tough for firefighters dealing with a couple of wildfires in Arizona.

I picked up the printed newsletters at UPS this morning and the volunteer team met at the Clubhouse at 9:30 to fold and band them to get ready for distribution. Then the teams took their respective bags of newsletters and headed out in their golf carts to distribute them. Elaine teamed up with Mary McDougale to do D and B Streets. Jo Elmore did A, C, and E Streets. Bill Russell and Vaneddie Jones did the RV section. And Dale and Betty Stroh delivered to the doublewide section in F, L, M, N, parts of O, parts of R, and S Streets. Total print run was 350 this month.

While Elaine was at craft session during midday, I went to Lowe’s to buy some irrigation and drip system supplies I needed to finish our planter boxes. Back home, I measured and cut the 5/8″ distribution line segments but am not able to attach the compression fittings (I don’t have the strength). Pete will help me with that.

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  1. Hi Dave:

    Talk about winds and gusts yesterday!! We are leaving Joseph City headed to Hurricane, Utah this a.m. So far so good no winds yet. Have not been “home” for over a year. Have a good prospect coming to look at our RV so hoping it sells. Weather in Hurricane a nice 76 degrees.

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