Cat in tree. Shopping online from now on. Mountain lion urine.

cat in hand
The firefighters have the cat in hand from high in the palm tree

Either the cat in the royal palm tree across the street from us never left or it came back. I lean toward the former. I first noticed the mewing about a week ago and after 2-3 days I put out food and water to encourage it to come down. This was the suggestion of the Phoenix Fire Department and the Arizona Humane Society. Both said the cat would come down on its own.

cat in cage
Rescued cat going into a temporary cage

For 2-3 days I did not hear the cat, so I thought it might have come down. Also, we spotted a similar-colored cat running across a yard and thought it was the one in the tree. But yesterday I heard the cat again and yesterday and this morning I put out tuna and water but the cat was still there. So I called the Humane Society again and they said they would send someone out to help.

Help came about 2:30 in the form of Andy Gallo, an Emergency Animal Medical Tech with the Arizona Humane Society. He assessed the situation and realized he did not have a ladder tall enough to reach the top of that palm tree – some 35-40 feet up. Even if he did, with the wind blowing the top of the tree was waving some 2-3 feet side to side. So he called the Phoenix Fire Department and Ladder 33 came after a while. This team was able to use their bucket to get up there and rescue the cat. I found out that the FD will not come out except if asked by the Humane Society, and the EAMT must be there when they arrive. Many thanks to Andy, the Humane Society, and the Ladder 33 team. The cat was taken to the Humane Society for evaluation and may be released back into Royal Palm in a few days.

I have come to the conclusion that I will mostly shop online in the future, out of frustration. I was trying to find some inline emitters for my drip system; none at The Home Depot, none at Lowe’s. I finally found them at Barry’s Ace Hardware on W Glendale Ave. I was also trying to find the Pennington 32″ window box liners I want to use in my planter box system. I have one already and planned the system layout using that size. I think I bought that one at either The Home Depot or Lowe’s, but neither has them. Nor does Ace. I went online and found the liners in several places and ordered from Walmart since they had the best price. Free shipping with delivery to a store. Just those little exercises caused me to drive some 20 miles, making three stops. So much easier sitting at my computer or tablet!

urine cup
Mountain Lion urine cup to discourage coyotes from coming in our yard

I set out one of the dispensers containing mountain lion urine in our backyard today; this is to discourage the coyotes from coming into our yard. Our only concern is with our little Shih Tzus when they go out the doggy door in the back yard. They are alone at those times, though any other time they are with us. After I  set that in the ground I wondered if the mountain lion smell would discourage Kerby and Gizmo from going out so I put them on leash and took them to the back yard. Kerby totally ignored it. Gizmo wandered over to the dispenser, sniffed it, then peed right beside it. I guess I don’t have to worry about it bothering them!

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