Landscaping edgers. FCOC rally dinner.

A trip to Lowe’s this morning yielded some concrete edging blocks for our front yard and some paint to use to make them fit in with our house. We bought 24 of them and I started painting them, six at a time. I got half of them done and will finish the rest tomorrow. Next week, we will hire Andy to install them along the sidewalk out front; they will help to keep the gravel and rocks from wandering onto the sidewalk as well as to dress up our front yard. I won’t show them to you until they are installed, though, to keep the scheme a mystery.

group at dinner
Part of the FCOC group at dinner

Around 3 this afternoon we headed over to the Good Life RV Resort in Mesa, for dinner with the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club (FCOC) on the final day of their rally. We were active in FCOC from 2012 until we quit RVing, and attended several rallies in different parts of the country. What’s more, I was Webmaster for the club from 2012 through 2015 or so when I had to quit for medical reasons. I did a major change to the website, creating an entirely new one from scratch and with many more features. I was sad when I had to quit and what’s worse the club has had some struggles with the outfit that took over the system.

dinner table
Jim and Julia Roberson (front), another couple, Kim and Steve Batorson, Elaine at dinner

It was great to visit with some old friends from FCOC tonight. Tom and Marlys James, Steve and Kim Batorson, Jim and Julia Robertson, and Mary and Joe Costigan were there. Tom, Steve, Jim, and Mary are officers of FCOC so I served with them. We had a great steak dinner and had a good time visiting. Tom had urged us to come, inviting via email and reminding me of the rally. He specifically invited us to come for dinner tonight, and we are glad we went.

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