Scavenger Hunt. More landscape edger painting.

Leslie Nielsen announcing winners at the Scavenger Hunt

The Royal Palm Social Club had a Scavenger Hunt event tonight. There were 8-10 teams competing to collect 45 items on a list prepared by Leslie Nielsen, the event organizer. We could only collect from residents in the Park, could not get any items from our own houses, and had about 45 minutes to an hour before we had to turn our collections in. The most challenging item on the list for everyone except the winners was a Domino’s napkin, though a 1ยข stamp was very hard to find. We got most of our items at one residence; the lady there was excited to dig around her house to dig up things for Elaine. I think we stopped at about ten houses and were able to collect items at all but maybe one.

Upon returning to the Clubhouse we had a chicken dinner, which was brought in from Albertson’s and was tasty. Then each team inventoried the collection of another team to score their sheets, and the winners were announced. We came in second with 43 items collected out of 45. Bill and Nancy Schuling were in first place with 44, Dale and Betty Stroh #3 with 43, Peggy Glidden and John Koch #4, and Bill Russell and Marilyn Johnson #5. There were also some Honorable Mentions. Each team received a prize. Among the items on the list was a playing card, which we were to collect from Linda Krueger. Back at the Clubhouse one card was drawn from a matching set and the team which had the matching card won another prize. All in all, it was a fun event!

We had breakfast this morning at the U. S. Egg restaurant on W Greenway near 7th St, sharing an Avocado and Jack Cheese Omelet. It was good.

Then back home I went back to my job of painting the landscaping edger blocks. I did one batch of six this morning and the last batch of six this afternoon.

In between batches I went to Forrest Sessions’ house and glued the rungs in one of his dining room chairs. They had been loose when I was there before, and I told him I would do that. While there he also brought out a bunch of old photos he had just been going through and showed them to me. Most of them dated back in the 1920s-1940s, and while most were of his family they were still interesting to view.

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