Women On The Go. Electrical problem. Planter boxes.

Women On The Go at Deer Valley Airport Restaurant

Elaine attended the Women On The Go luncheon this noon. This is an informal group of women from Royal Palm who get together every two months and go out to lunch. Today’s lunch was at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, and nine women attended. There are often as many as 25 or so attending these events, but the winter visitors have mostly left now so there are fewer to go. Continue reading Women On The Go. Electrical problem. Planter boxes.

Planter boxes – oops. Dog cookies. Elaine to nails, shopping. More newsletter ads.

Part of the line of brackets that will support the planter boxes. The first one shows how two brackets will be joined to form support.

I started my planter box project today, and soon ran into (or created) a problem. The planter boxes will extend across the whole front of the house and will wrap around the sides for about four feet. They will be a simple affair, with two 5-inch corner brackets bolted together to form the support and a series of plastic planter tubs around 6 inches wide and 32 inches long will be set on them. The brackets will be attached to the house on 16-inch spacing, so that works well with the 32-inch trays. You can get the idea from the photo at left. I have some leftover siding from constructing our shed that matches the house siding, and will use 7½” wide strips of siding on the outside face to hide the brackets and trays and provide decoration. The siding will be painted the same color as our dark trim.

So far, so good. I worked on it this morning and quit about 11:30 as it got hot in the sun. I was going to go back to the project in the afternoon once the sun swung around and put the front in the shade.

But when I got inside the TV in the living room was off; it had been on when I went out an hour or more before. I tried the remotes and nothing happened. I started checking electrical systems and found there was no power to the plug strip where the TV plugs in. Further, there was no power to the outlets in the office; the TV outlet is on the other side of the office interior wall. I checked the breaker box and found one breaker popped; I reset it and no difference. Obviously something I did outside had affected that circuit. Pete came over later and we did some further checking and measuring, and it appears that one of the bracket screws had probably done some damage. I have an electrician coming on Friday morning, but in the meantime I ran a couple of extension cords and have the living room TV and the office equipment running.

Elaine made cookies for the dogs today.

While I was working outside, Elaine was busy in the kitchen making some cookies for the dogs. She used pumpkin pie mix, peanut butter, coconut oil, eggs, and wheat flour for the cookies and decorated the tops with peanut butter mixed with coconut oil. Kerby loved them, and Gizmo was OK with them.

Elaine headed to Walmart this afternoon to get her nails done and to do some grocery shopping. She did not get back until 4:30, so she missed swimming today. I went, though.

I got two more newsletter ads today – a half page and a full page. Those will greatly help with the newsletter printing cost. I still have two more to check on.


Bridge reconstruction. Pulling poppies. Work on newsletter.

A few weeks ago I went to the dentist at Aspen Dental on W Peoria Ave to have him check out my bridge (on the top middle). The right end seemed to be loose, but he said it was not loose enough to come out easily and suggested waiting another couple of weeks or so to see if it became looser. Today was the day, and while it had loosened a little more, it still did not come out easily. However, with some hammering on the left end he was able to remove the bridge unharmed! He then inspected and found that a small portion of the top of the right abutment tooth had broken off. He cleaned out the end of the bridge and generally cleaned up the area and then recemented the bridge back in place. Done! Continue reading Bridge reconstruction. Pulling poppies. Work on newsletter.

Bye, bye, Shauna.

We took Shauna to the airport early this morning for her return to her Green River WY home. We had a wonderful visit with her! Now that we don’t travel as much we don’t get to see kids often, and she had never been to our new place in Phoenix though she had visited our previous residence on Sweetwater Ave. Her flight went out at 8:40 from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, so we all had to get up before breakfast to get her there in time – we left home at 6:00. But all went smoothly. Continue reading Bye, bye, Shauna.

Easter cookout with friends

gang at cookout
The gang at the cookout at our place this afternoon
table at cookout
Another view of the table at our Easter cookout.

We had a wonderful day with Shauna and some of our friends. We had a cookout on our patio this afternoon, and a dozen or so of our friends from here in Royal Palm joined us for the potluck. We supplied the burgers and brats and did the cooking, others brought hotdogs, potato salad, and other foods to round things out. We certainly had more than enough food and there was plenty left over. Continue reading Easter cookout with friends

Kiss The Cook for breakfast. Quilting shopping. Dinner at Pappadeaux.

Elaine and Shauna
Elaine and Shauna at our outside patio table at Kiss The Cook
My Carrot Cake Pancake breakfast, with sausages

Saturday Breakfast Out was at Kiss The Cook in Glendale, a place we like to go to if we can get there early enough to avoid the rush and wait lines. Getting there around 7:45 accomplished that. Shauna spotted the Spinach Omelet on the board outside and had that, and I spotted the Carrot Cake Pancakes and had that. Elaine had Oatmeal with the works. It was such a nice day that we decided to eat on the outdoor patio at the front. Very comfy, but somewhat noisy. My sausage with my meal provided some leftovers for the boys, which they “attacked” me for upon arriving at home. Continue reading Kiss The Cook for breakfast. Quilting shopping. Dinner at Pappadeaux.

Shauna here for a visit.

Daughter Shauna Dockter flew in from Provo UT, having driven down from Green River WY, and we picked her up just after noon at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport out in East Mesa. She had a good flight down, and she was hungry. So we stopped at the Applebee’s on Power Rd and had lunch. Then she got to see mid- to late-afternoon traffic in the Phoenix area, made worse because it was a Friday afternoon, and probably worse because it was Good Friday.

We got home in time to change for swimming, and while Elaine and I were in the pool Shauna took advantage of the sun and a lounge to get some sun. At 92° it was a good day for it. The temp back in Green River was probably in the 55° zone!

Back home for a bit and for Elaine to have a chance to show Shauna around our house (that’s a three-minute tour in a place the size of ours). Then shortly after 5:00 we headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper. It was our second time there and, of course, Shauna’s first. We all enjoyed our meal. I had Pescado a la Diabla (tilapia fish in a spicy sauce). Elaine had a Shredded Chicken Chimichanga, and Shauna had a Steak Street Taco. We each brought home some leftovers, of course.

Shauna relaxing on the couch
Elaine and the boys
Elaine and the boys relaxing after dinner

After dinner, none of us felt like doing more so we are relaxing in the living room watching Friday night TV. Gizmo and Kerby have been staying close by Shauna, enjoying having someone different to give them attention.

Dogs got bathed. Board meeting. Getting ready to test margaritas.

Off they went to Pet Club first thing this morning – it was time for Kerby and Gizmo to have their three-week maintenance session with Danielle and Amber at Pet Club at 19th Ave and Northern. They go for grooming, then three weeks later go for maintenance bathing and minor trim. Elaine said that Gizmo was more than ready for a bath; he was getting a little odorous when up close, such as sleeping beside her at night! Perhaps this is because we have left his hair longer the last couple of months; we can’t help it because he looks so cute with longer hair. But next time it will be cut shorter. Continue reading Dogs got bathed. Board meeting. Getting ready to test margaritas.

Taxes done. More spring cleaning. Galileo thermometer.

Randy Elder called this morning, letting me know our taxes returns were completed and ready for us to sign. So Elaine and I headed over to his place to get that done. It was not a onerous task, since we neither owe on our federal return nor did we overpay; on our state return we get a $50 refund for over payment. This has been the same pattern for the last few years, and makes life easier. Filing taxes is not “scary” for us! Continue reading Taxes done. More spring cleaning. Galileo thermometer.

Crafting. Patio cleanup. More web work.

The group doing crafts this morning at the Clubhouse

Today was crafts day in Royal Palm, and this may be the last time this spring that there will be as many at these Tuesday sessions. The folks in the RV section are starting to head off to their summer homes or on their summer travels. But the remaining group will continue to meet on Tuesday mornings as always. Those who have left will be able to sort of stay in touch with the group through my blog posts as well as through the RoyalPalmSocialClub.com web site and the monthly newsletters.

We both did some work in cleaning up our deck and patio today. Elaine worked on the former, I worked on the latter. Both got cluttered over the last few weeks as items were gathered to put out for our yard sale, but now that those are gone it was time to put away or toss whatever was left. Part of my putting away included some leftover plastic pipe from our irrigation projects; I bundled the pieces together and put the bundle on the high rack where I also store leftover small size lumber pieces. They are easily available but out of the way.

Though I had vacuumed the dead leaves on the patio a week or so ago, there were still a few that I had missed because they were behind some items I did not move. Plus the deck had a layer of dust blown in by various storms over the late winter. So I got out the broom and swept all of the patio except where the car was parked; I will do that tomorrow or Thursday. Now at least the patio is clear and more organized. When I wash it down it will be really clean.

I am really pleased with my progress on the new Violette Family Association member profile database. Since the new web site is based on WordPress, the database is set in MySQL. My old database was in SQLServer and there is not a direct import function. I have been setting up the member profile data fields and input/edit forms and this has created the new MySQL database tables. I’ll be able to export the SQLServer data into a comma-separated-values Excel spreadsheet and then import that spreadsheet into the new MySQL database. But first I have to carefully rename and reorganize the data fields. The old ASP.NET and SQLServer system is quite generous in how field names are constructed, but in PHP and MySQL everything must be in lower case. But once I am through with my current tasks I will be able to quickly import all the old data into the new system and make it available to members and admins to work with at the new web site.