10 boxes? Planters. More house decorations. Scruffy Kerby.

The shipping boxes at Walmart for 6x6x32 inch plastic trays. Yes, one tray per box – even in those large cartons.

I ordered ten Pennington 32″ planter liners from Walmart all at once, so I was surprised when I received TEN emails letting me know they were at the store ready for pickup, one for each tray. I guess I should not have been surprised, then, when they brought out TEN boxes at the pickup station – but frankly I was. What was worse is that while eight of the liners were packed in small rectangular boxes that were of an appropriate size, two were packed in huge cartons as you can see in the photo. What were they thinking?!? (Or not thinking!)

Needless to say, I had the clerk open each box and remove the plastic tray so I could put it in a shopping cart. When stacked together the ten trays occupied a space about six inches wide, 32 inches long, and 18 inches high. That’s how they should have been packed for shipping.

planter trays
The line of planter trays on the front of the house have their drip lines installed.

Once back home I was able to place the trays in their bracket cradles and install the drip lines for each tray. Next step – planting soil and plants! Plus adding the face plates on the outside of the brackets.

leash rack
New rack for hanging the dog leashes
Some new, colorful, lizards crawling on our outside wall

Elaine had recently bought some items for decorating the outside of the house and I put them in place today. We had a wall rack on which we hung the boys’ leashes and she had bought a new one. You can see it in the photo above. She also bought two new lizards and I installed them along with another lizard she had bought some time ago. They add some nice color to the outside.

Kerby is very dirty and in need of bath and grooming

Normally, Kerby and Gizmo would have gone for a grooming today but with the change at Pet Club our appointment with Danielle has been switched to Sunday. Just to show you how much Kerby, for one, needs that grooming, check out the photo below. Not only is his hair long but his paws are very dirty.


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