Shaggy Gizmo. Breakfast in the Park. More on planters.

Our shaggy Gizmo.

Gizmo is really shaggy, because we have let his hair stay longer in the winter, but it is time to go shorter again. That will happen tomorrow when they both go for grooming with Danielle. The photo of Kerby I included a day or so ago showed how dirty he has gotten, in addition to being shaggy. With Gizmo’s color we don’t see the dirt, but we sure can see the shaggy! And Elaine has commented the last few days that when he gets close she can smell his doggy body odor.

It was Breakfast in the Park time again this morning, so that is where we went. There were fewer people there today compared with recent months, mostly due to the winter visitors having left. Instead of 80+, we only had about 30 or so. But still a good time and a good meal.

I did some more work on the planter boxes today, and now all the face panels are in place. I just have to add some panels on both ends and finish the joints and do touch-up painting. I put the first plants in place today; I moved the tray from the ground I have had since last year and in which we have some Moss Rose plants (Portulaca). They did a lot of blossoming last year but quit over the winter. We just had the first blossom yesterday and another today, so I hope they will return.

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