Kerby and Gizmo groomed. Plants in the planter.

Kerby after grooming
Slick Gizmo after grooming

Danielle is back in business, and Kerby and Gizmo are now clean and groomed. We have been taking them to Danielle at the Pet Club store at 19th Ave and W Northern, but a couple of weeks ago the store suddenly shut down. Danielle had no notice; she showed up for work on Apr 14th only to find the store being emptied! She scrambled to find another place and was able to. But at this new location she can only do grooming; they want her to be able to do more groomings a day and they have others to do the washing. So for a few of her older customers she will take them at her home, and that is where we went today. We are happy for her and for our boys, because they love Danielle.

Kerby got his usual hair cut but Gizmo has long hair no more. We had left it longer over the winter because it seemed he was cold, but now that warm weather is back we’ll have his hair shorter.

Moon Valley
Buying plants at Moon Valley Nursery

We decided it was time to get some plants for our new planter, so we went to Moon Valley Nurseries this afternoon – twice. We did not get enough on the first trip so had to go back. And we will have to go back again for yet some more tomorrow. We bought some bags of potting soil as well. We chose Moon Valley because that is where we always bought our plants when we lived on Sweetwater Ave.

Elaine did all the selection of what plants to buy and then did all the arranging of what plants to put where in the planter boxes. I think she did a great job!

planters with plants
Our planters now have plants!
some plants
Some of our plants

We selected plants that will do well with shade part of the day and will stand up to the hot Phoenix summer. That was why we went to Moon Valley Nursery – to get advice on what would work for us. The fellow we talked with (see photo above) suggested we buy summer plants for the (roughly) May-November period and winter plants for the November-May period. Plants such as pansies, petunias, and others that are in summer gardens in the northern part of the country do not do well in theĀ  Phoenix heat. But plant such as vinca, salvia, andĀ  many others take the heat in stride.

I still have the finishing steps to do on the planters, but at least we have plants and flowers in them now! I take some more photos tomorrow morning, when the sun is on the front of the house.

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