Edge is in. Working on posts. Computer to Geek Squad.

Our front yard now has a violet (Violette?) border

Andy installed our new landscaping border today, so another part of our front yard project is done. I have some touch-up painting to do and a couple of spots to fix, but that part is done. As you can see in the photo, the edging color matches the trim color on the house.

Andy setting the edging.

Andy also removed the grey gravel that was covering the front yard and moved it to the rear yard, where he used it to fill in some low spots and generally spread the rest around. We will order some white stone to replace the old grey stuff.

These posts will be set around the front yard. The metal bases have been attached.

In the meantime I continued painting the wood posts and then started attaching the metal bases. You can see them (upside down) in the photo. The metal rod will be inserted into fresh concrete to anchor the posts. This is the next project step.

Elaine went to the Clubhouse for crafts this morning but came back shortly saying that no one else showed up so she wasn’t staying. Instead she headed out to do some shopping. She went to Hobby Lobby, only to find out they were doing inventory and some rearranging, so she left. She went to Tuesday Morning but they were closed for inventory so nothing there. Nothing to do but go on to Fry’s for some grocs.

I went to Best Buy/Geek Squad this morning to drop off my laptop for some repairs. The numeric keypad stopped typing numbers and only typed symbols! Plus the Kaspersky security package would not update. Since we have a 24/7 package with Geek Squad they will handle it. I’ve already received two emails from them with progress updates. I am using my tablet in the meantime.


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