Thanks, Tom and Marlys. Rod genealogy. Card making. Computer back.

light post
The light post Tom and Marlys James made for us. Elaine added the greenery.

I have been so busy reporting about planter and front yard activities that I forgot to show you a front yard attraction made for us recently by Tom and Marlys James. They are friends from our RVing days, and Tom is on the board of the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club. Over the years they have made front yard light posts for their RV friends, and several years ago they gave us one. I put it out at every campground we stopped at, but one time someone stole it from our yard. So Tom and Marlys made another for us and gave it to us when we met with them at the recent FCOC rally in Mesa. We hope it won’t be stolen from our current front yard! We will add a name sign to this, probably at the bottom.

Rod research
Rod Violette’s research on mr Bartlett, Cilley, and Soucie ancestors

I received a package in the mail today from Rod Violette, cousin, friend, and genealogist extraordinaire. Rod has built a huge genealogical database around the Violette family, but has added to it other associated families. A while back I sent him some genealogical data on my Soucie/Soucy family and asked if he could make sense of it. That is the family of my Dad’s mother. I also sent an ancestors’ chart for the Bartlett family – that’s the family of my Mom’s father – and I sent what info I had on the Cilley family – Mom’s mother’s family. A few days ago Rod emailed me the updated database so I could see the results. I am now able to do searches and develop family charts with that information. Starting with me, we now have info on 9 generations of Violette, 12 generations of Soucie, 12 generations of Bartlett, and 16 generations of Cilley! That’s a ton of research, and we owe Rod a great debt of gratitude. Now I want to assimilate it and share it with my siblings and cousins so ¬†they can pass it along to their own families.

Elaine headed over to The Paper Collage today for a card class, and then went to visit with Jan Ostlund. They had lunch and then did some shopping. They won’t have a chance to do this again until fall. Jan will be leaving soon for summer in Minnesota and won’t be back until October.

I finished up the posts for the front yard today and started working on the corners of the planters. I had thought I would use an aluminum angle to bring the two sides of the corners together but with the first one I found I had too much trouble getting the proper alignment of the bolt holes. So I will switch to using a wood piece that can be attached to both sides.

My computer is back from Geek Squad; I got a call and picked it up at 4:40 this afternoon. The numeric keypad was not working properly and the Kaspersky security package was not updating. They found that a recent Windows update had interfered with drivers which caused the keyboard problem and probably the Kaspersky problem as well. While doing their research they also found and removed 19 infections! I am glad to have the laptop back, though using the tablet was not a hardship.

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