Elaine heart doctor. Newsletter done.

Elaine visited Dr Kaufman this afternoon as a follow up on recent testing. She has been having rapid heart beats on occasion, and wildly varying blood pressure. When a rapid beat episode comes on she has to sit and relax until it passes. The doctor reported that her heart is strong and there are no blockages, which is good news. He will start her on a beta blocker to see if that will eliminate or reduce the problem. It may take some time to get the correct dosage and she may even have to make future medication changes. She goes back in a month.

I worked most of the morning on wrapping up the newsletter. I had review comments from Leslie Nielsen and from Elaine, and tonight I got comments from Mary Jane Caraher. I have all of the content in place now as well.

I printed out the story on the Spotlight subject and took it to her this afternoon to review, and she called back a few hours later with a minor addition.

On our way back from the doctor office I stopped at a couple of our advertisers to check on their ads. One renewed and I am waiting for a call from the other.

Texas Sage
Texas Sage is in bloom again.

Texas Sage plants are in bloom again. There are a couple on our street and one is going great guns this time. See photo.

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