High temp. Work on planters. Newsletter delivered.

folks in pool
When the temps get up like this, the pool’s a good place to be

106° today – about 8° above normal – and a good day to be in the pool. We’ve had a couple of 100+ days this week and will have at least one more according to the forecast. When the temperatures are up there we still do pretty much the same things we would have at lower temps, however. After all, this IS Phoenix!

I finished up the wood work on the planters today. This involved adding the corner blocks at both front corners and cutting and installing pieces to box in the two ends. I also did the touchup painting for the screwheads attaching the corner blocks and any spots on the boards forming the planter faces that needed it. I am happy that the planters are done at last. I still have to add an aluminum stiffener joining the two long boards at the middle, and we are having a name sign made to cover that area.

Our volunteer crew met this morning and made quick work of folding the newsletters. Then the bags went out to the teams that do the delivery work. Glad that is done for another month.

Elaine was playing cards last night and I did not pay attention to the TV schedule, so when she came home and asked about Dancing With The Stars I realized I had not turned it on. The second hour was about one-fourth done when she arrived. I suggested that we watch something else, since DWTS was already being recorded and late this afternoon we watched the recording. I had carefully avoided seeing anything about the results today, so it was a surprise for me.

I recently ordered a Schlage deadbolt for the shed door and started installing it today. I’ll give more details another day, but this deadbolt can be operated remotely. I wanted this so that when Elaine has to go to the shed for food for a Royal Palm Rescue Pantry customer and someone is with her she can unlock the door from inside the house and not have to reach for a key to the latch as she has done in the past. This deadbolt will work with our Nexia home system, so we will be able to also lock it from within the house; this is for those times when I forget to lock the door.

2 thoughts on “High temp. Work on planters. Newsletter delivered.”

  1. David,
    My name is Jim kerwin we live in northern IL, we have been wintering in Florida for the past seven years. But this year we are going to be selling our RV. It is getting to much of a trip for me. We have talked about going to Arizona in the past and this might be the year we are going to try Arizona for the winter. My question for you is are there any rental homes for Feb and March in royal palms park. I have been reading your blog for a few years and it sounds like a place that we would enjoy.
    Thanks in advance for your time.
    Jim Kerwin

  2. Hi, Jim. Yes, there are rental homes here in Royal Palm. You’d have to contact the office for the details (602) 943-5833. We found it to be a very friendly place, as you know from reading my blog, and there are lots of activities both here and in the Phoenix area. While we have a lot of winter visitors in the RV section, there are also quite a few in the mobilehome section as well. Come on down!

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