New shed lock. Lunch with John.

The outside and inside of the new deadbolt lock for the shed

I installed a new deadbolt lock on the shed door today. This is a Schlage BE369 lock that works with Z-Wave technology so I can connect it into my Nexia home automation system. My goal is to have a lock we can operate from inside the house. This will make it easier to control as well as make it easier to lock the door at night on those occasions when I forget to lock the door after using the shed.

As when I installed the Schlage latch on our front door, I ended up having to uninstall the lock temporarily and bring it to within six feet of our thermostat, which also has our Nexia bridge. Once connected with the bridge I could take it back out to the shed and reinstall it. But when I tried to connect to the lock with my smartphone or my tablet I was not able to. So tomorrow I guess I’ll have to get in touch with Nexia or Schlage to see what to do next.

Son John was in town this morning with a load for Albertson’s distribution center on 99th Avenue. He called his Mom and invited us to lunch while he was waiting for his trailer to have a loading dock assigned. We headed out there and we ended up going to the Red Robin on McDowell Ave west of 99th. It was a great lunch and a good, if brief, visit and the food at Red Robin was very tasty. In fact John exclaimed that was probably the best burger he had ever had! I had a chicken sandwich and Elaine also had a burger.

I started to lay down the landscaping fabric in the front yard in preparation for laying out the drip irrigation lines, but after getting two strips down I quit. It was hard on me to do all that leaning over work. Andy will finish that job in the morning and our white stone will be delivered sometime after 11 am.

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