shoveling stone
Andy shoveling stone, and Elaine picking up loose stone to toss into the yard

The stone for the front yard was delivered today, and Andy Goodhart and I got it spread in its final spot. The truck that delivered the stone from Pioneer Sand was too large to be able to dump directly into the yard, so I had him dump in three piles on the sidewalk and street in front. But that meant it all had to be shoveled from the street into the yard. I pitched in and did some shoveling – about 800-1000 pounds of it – but Andy did the rest of the 3000-3200 pounds. Yes, I was tired. Oh, and Elaine laid claim to 6-8 chunks of stone placed in the yard.

left over stone
The yard is done and we have stone left over

We discovered by the time we were half done that two tons of stone for 200 square feet is way too much. We could have done the job with only one ton for the entire 200 square feet, though 1½ tons would probably have been better. The application rate had been given to me by a fellow at Moon Valley Nurseries; he said they figured one ton per 100 square feet to provide a 2-3″ cover. Andy works on lots of yards in the Park and knows of several who can use some added white stone, so we made arrangements to deliver our leftover pile to one or two neighbors on Sunday.

dumping stone
Dumping the stone in front of our yard. We were surprised at the amount of dust in the load

We were surprised by the amount of dust in the stone load. The fellow who delivered said they are not allowed to wash the stone at the yard except during the winter. I had to wash down the street when we were done and will have to wash again once the excess is removed. I’ll also wash down the plants, posts, and everything else out front once we are done moving stone.

fabric and irrigation
Prior to placing the stone we placed landscaping fabric to protect against weeds and laid the irrigation lines on the fabric

Early this morning Andy came over and placed the landscape fabric and I followed behind and finished the irrigation system. I had to add new drip lines on the north side, where there were no plants before. Then I had to remove drip lines on the south side where we had more plants concentrated earlier. I laid the irrigation lines on top of the fabric and the stone went on top of it all.

We are pleased with how the yard looks with the white stone added, and we have already received favorable comments from several neighbors in the Park. A couple of them drove by just to check it out, knowing that the stone was coming today.


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