New flag. Lunch at Silver Spur Saloon. Breakfast at Schlotzski’s.

I am proudly flying the flag in front of our house now.

Proudly flying the US flag at our house now. I finally added a flag and flagpole, attached to the front of the house, and will continuously display it from now on. I have been meaning to do this for a LONG time but kept forgetting about it. I would think about it when I was not in a place to buy one, and when in such a place I would forget to get one. There is a street light across the street from us and I will initially call that good enough for lighting at night, but I will soon add a small spotlight shining on the flag.

Whenever I see that flag or think about it, I always think of my Dad. He had a tall flagpole in front of his house and always flew the flag. He was very patriotic and it meant a lot to him.

Silver Spur
The Silver Spur Saloon is pretty sparse inside.

Elaine wanted to check out the Silver Spur Saloon in Cave Creek as a possible lunch spot for Royal Palm Women on the Go. Sorry, it won’t work. This used to be The Satisfied Frog, and was famous around the area. We enjoyed eating there and often took visitors there as a treat.

The restaurant went under due to failure to pay wages taxes several years ago but was later reopened under new ownership. Then it changed to Silver Spur Saloon due to a fight over the trade name. Last June it burned.

The restaurant has not been rebuilt yet, though they say it will be. But they are still in business in a MUCH lower level of activity. Some outbuildings on the site were not burned and that included a tented pavilion area that has a performance stage, some minor kitchen facilities, and a bar. That was where we (Elaine, Pete Petersen, and I) headed. Their menu only offers burgers, tacos, fries, and such. No coffee. No tea. Lots of liquor and beer. They do offer ice water. Pete had a pair of beef tacos and said they were good. Elaine and I had burgers and they were pretty wimpy and not really tasty. Elaine did like the fries with her burger, though. But the reason it will not work as an outing place for Women on the Go is that the tented pavilion is open on two sides and has no air conditioning.

metal animals
Metal animal sculptures along the paths in Frontier Village

The Silver Spur is located in a shopping center called Frontier Village, so there are a lot of other shops there. I always enjoy seeing the large metal animal sculptures on display around the Village. They are for sale, so the ones shown at any time will change. The photo at left shows the view along the front of the Village, parallel with Cave Creek Road.

Two shops we often stop at when in Frontier Village are the Happy Hogan and Suzanne’s Hot Stuff. After lunch we stopped in at a couple of shops along the way out but there was nothing that interested us there today.

Happy Hogan (l) and Suzanne’s Hot Stuff (r)

But we did go to Suzanne’s Hot Stuff and bought a few items. This shop has a huge selection of hot sauces, spices, signs, and kitchen paraphernalia. I bought a Bourbon marinade sauce with habeneros and  Elaine bought a strawberry chipotle sauce. She also bought a pickle fork which I will show some other time.

The Happy Hogan is on the way out, near the entrance, so we stopped in there but did not buy anything. They offer a bunch of quaint stuff, such as stuffed rattlesnakes, bull pizzle crops, signs of all types, and so on.

I drove I-17, Loop 101, and Cave Creek Road to get there, but decided to go back by way of Scottsdale Road. Elaine and I had not been on Scottsdale Road recently and Pete had not for many years, so it was a chance to do some exploring. As always, we were surprised by the amount of development of all types that has occurred along that road. When we first moved to the area in 2000 we leased a place a couple of miles east of Scottsdale Road in northern Scottsdale, so we got to know this area quite well.

I turned onto Lincoln Drive from Scottsdale Road and we took that west through the town of Paradise Valley. Our next place to live was off of Lincoln near 22nd Street, so this also was an area with which we were familiar. Except that there have been so many changes we could hardly recognize it.

I did pull off and drove to E Palmaire Ave to see the house we next leased. It has been repainted and appears to be kept well, at least from the outside. We would have bought that house had the owners been interested in selling.

Lincoln Drive becomes Glendale Avenue in that area and we continued on Glendale to Central, then north to Dunlap and west to the Park. It was a good, short drive through some memory areas.

By the way, breakfast this morning was at Schlotzsky’s. Pete has been bragging about their Eggsky breakfast sandwiches for several weeks, so we finally decided to try them. He had brought us one a week or so ago and we liked it’s taste, but we wanted to try one fresh from the grill. They ARE good. I think I would rather have a Schlotzsky’s Eggsky breakfast sandwich than something from McDonald’s or other similar.

While there I added this purchase to my lotz4me app and while there I noticed that I have some free stuff offers that will expire very soon. So we’ll be back there this weekend to take advantage of those.



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