More stoning. Schlotzsky’s again.

That extra half-ton of stone has been moved. Andy Goodhart came over at 8:00 this morning as did George Krause with a small dump rig. Andy and I shoveled the remaining stone from our front yard project into the dump body and then it was driven to two different yards that needed some fresh white stone and to whom we donated those leftovers. We did not need any more. Both Andy and I were amazed that the whole job was completed in less than an hour! He had been dreading the effort of shoveling all that stone again and had anticipated a 2-3 hour project. Glad it turned out to be less!

This afternoon I did some more cleanup of the stone dust in front of our yard. There was a lot left on the pavement and sidewalk in front of our house, but I used my shop vacuum to pick up what I could. What was left was very fine dust that clung to the concrete and asphalt. I am able to wash it off with a hose stream. My goal is to spread it out so it does not stay concentrated and therefor white on the pavement. I can do it a small area at a time with the hose. I have to only do a small area because the water flows back onto the sidewalk and when it dries the dust remains. But what gets washed out further onto the pavement stays there.

When I joined Schlotzsky’s Lotz4Me program via a smartphone app I earned two menu selections. I had forgotten about them until we went to Schlotzsky’s on Saturday for breakfast and then I learned that one reward would expire on May 29th and the other on June 1st. So we went to Schlotzsky’s tonight for “supper”; Pete Petersen, being our resident Schlotzsky’s expert, came along as well. He goes to Schlotzsky’s often so is quite familiar with their offerings. I had earned a medium Brisket Sandwich with chips and a small drink for $8. I got the Cuban Brisket on a JalapeƱo Cheese bun. Elaine got a small Fiesta Chicken sandwich, and Pete got a small Fresh Veggie sandwich. Their “small” is a very adequate size; their medium is too large for me, and I cannot imagine how big the large is! I have to say, my sandwich was delicious and I am happy to have plenty left over for another day (or two). Elaine broke down and got a Cinnabon dessert, most of which also came home with us.

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