New deadbolt, finally. Garden flags. Fire extinguishers. Refrigerator cleaning. Dentist. Dog licenses.

Our new deadbolt for the shed door

I recently wrote about changing the deadbolt on the shed door; I had installed a Schlage BE365NX model. But when I started setting it up I realized it would not work the way I wanted. I wanted to be able to unlock the deadbolt remotely from the house and lock it the same way. I did some further research and found out that the model BE469NX would do that. Too bad this was not discussed either at the Nexia web site or at Schlage’s. I ordered the BE469NX and installed it today. It works great – we can lock/unlock it using a key or using the keypad at the lock. We can also lock/unlock it using the Nexia app on smartphone, tablet, or computer.

button pad
Our Nexia One-Touch button pad near the front door can be programmed to operate various devices. It’s the item nearest the door frame.

Another plus is that I can set it up to work from our Nexia One-Touch button pad. I attached it to the wall near our front door and programmed the first two buttons (there are 15 available) to unlock and lock the shed door. Very handy! We can simply push the unlock button and before we can get to the shed the door is unlocked. Then we can relock it when we return or can simply press the Schlage button on the lock after closing the door.

garden flags
Our new garden flags. One is on the awning post, the other further away in the yard

I ordered some garden flags from Amazon over the weekend and some came yesterday, some today. These are the colorful 12×18″ flags that hang from the 12″ edge. The two sets I bought have seasonal motifs: New Years, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, etc. One set came with a plastic flag stand that is stuck into the ground and has a horizontal arm to attach the flag. The other set did not. I haven’t decided where I will place those flag mounts, but for now I attached one to the front awning post and stuck the other in the ground further away. You can see them both in the photo at left above.

Two fire extinguishers. The nearest is on the front shed wall, the furthest is on the shed wall near where I set the grill.

I have started cleaning off my workbench in the shed, little by little. Today I found two fire extinguishers we had carried in the motorhome so I decided to mount them outside here at the house. One is on the shed wall near where I set up the grill, the other is on the front shed wall. Handy to have near where I grill.

Elaine did some major clearing of her own – in the refrigerator. She combined items into single containers. She pitched some stuff that was old. And she put things in plastic containers that we had brought home from restaurants in takeout containers. It looks MUCH better now and this will probably help me find things better. Probably. Possibly. Hell, I’ll still most likely miss things!

I made a quick trip to Aspen Dental this afternoon to have them check on something that was happening on my gums behind the temporary bridge. Most of the gums and jaw have healed well from having three teeth extracted but there was one area that seemed to not do well. The dentist made some minor adjustments to the back of the bridge to make it fit better. It feels better already.

Kerby and Gizmo have their new dog licenses attached to their harnesses now. I had made the renewals a month or so ago but did not send enough money so only Kerby’s got renewed. I sent in the rest and Gizmo’s came today. So I changed them out. Things had gotten mixed up over the years and their original licenses did not get renewed, so now they have entirely new ones. I did not realize this when I did the renewal. When the renewals came back they did not identify to which dog each was assigned. But I went online at the County licensing web site and got the proper names associated with the licenses, and now renewals should be clear.

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