Stuff for sale. New cards.

The BLS 36A when installed in your 36-volt battery system is designed to reduce sulfating of the plates, increasing the battery life.

I posted a couple of items for sale on Craigslist today. One is a golf cart battery desulfator for 36-volt systems (the link is for my craigslist listing). New. Never used. It is intended to keep the batteries from building up sulfates, which can reduce their capacity. I bought this when we had our first golf cart, which had a 36-volt system, but we bought our current one, which has a 48-volt system, before I could install it. I haven’t gotten around to buying a 48-volt version.

Iris Smart Kit
The Iris Smart Kit is sold by Lowe’s. It is a home automation system.

The other is an Iris Smart Kit, which is a home automation system from Lowe’s (the link is for my craigslist listing). Also new, never used. I bought this a year or so ago but never installed it. I had planned to make the Iris system the heart of our home automation system, but had some questions about how to connect the Iris thermostat and kept putting off installing. Then we replace our HVAC system with the Trane system we have now and the new thermostat that came with it had a Nexia bridge built in, so I have been building on the Nexia system instead. Both support the Z-Wave system so I could have used a couple of the items in the Iris kit, but the rest duplicated stuff I already have so I decided to sell the Iris kit as a whole.

Copic Sketch Markers
Cards Elaine painted today. All in the cup of coffee or tea theme.

Elaine went to The Paper Collage again today for a card class. The ones she did today were all based on a cup of coffee (one was tea) theme, and are very attractive. The cards at these classes all are designed for coloring with Copic sketch markers. Elaine has many Copic markers – 247 of them in current count – and enjoys using them. They come in very subtle variations and shades of color, so you can achieve “exactly” the effect you want. She keeps adding to her collection as she takes new classes that call for new colors.


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