Hard day shopping.

“My ass is dragging!” said Elaine as she headed out the door to play cards tonight. “That’s because you shopped so hard today,” I teased her. We had started with a trip to Trader Joe’s this morning; Pete Petersen came along as well. Then she wanted to stop at the Tuesday Morning store at 12th Street and Northern and then the 99¢ Store in the same complex. So we did them all. Or, I should say, she and Pete did them all. I waited in the car for the Tuesday Morning and 99¢ Store forays.

Back home about 11:30 it wasn’t long before lunch, and then about 1:15 we headed to The Home Depot. As I thought more about the layout of the window box liners I want to use in our planter boxes I realized that on the runs on each side of the house there was a distance of around 40″ or so and the spacing of the bracket supports left a foot or so between the front one and the house corner. The 32″ liners would leave a lot of empty space. I checked and The Home Depot now had 36″ Pennington liners in stock and I wanted to get a couple. They don’t make 40″ liners.

Thinking further about our front yard project we decided we want to also add about five posts along the sidewalk and the first part of the driveway edge and then run some rope or plastic chain in a couple of runs between posts. So while at The Home Depot we also looked at posts and found some 3×3-inch posts the size we want, but not 4×4. I will have to order those.

I stopped at the office here in the Park to ask about adding the posts and was given a form to fill out requesting approval for the changes. This is a new feature here at Royal Palm. I got that filled out and returned to the office.

We got a good swim session in this afternoon; great sunny and warm weather, though we did have some wind come up while we were in the pool.

And then it was time for Elaine to prepare supper. After we ate she looked like she was going to doze off in her recliner, but she got up around 5:40 since it was time to head for cards. That’s when she made the comment I started this off with!