New permanent bridge. John is off. Sorting parts.

Finally, my permanent bridge is in place. The dentist told me to not bite with those teeth for another 24 hours, while the cement is curing. But after that I should be able to eat as normal. The new bridge has none of the roughness and edges the temporary one had. I must have been good, because the last temporary did not break and did not come loose. The tech had to work hard to remove it. Continue reading New permanent bridge. John is off. Sorting parts.

Fast Eddie’s. Smashburger. Babbo’s.

biscuits and gravy
John’s Biscuits and Gravy and Red Flannel Hash

Today was a day of eating! We started with breakfast at Fast Eddie’s Diner at N 33rd Ave and W Bell Rd. We always like Fast Eddie’s; it was John’s first time there and I don’t think we would have to twist his arm to go again. They always have great food. I had a Denver Omelet and sausage, Elaine had eggs and toast and bacon, and John had biscuits and gravy and red flannel hash.

Our lunch was at Smashburger, Elaine’s favorite burger spot. She and I shared an Avocado Club burger with Veggie Frites, John had a Classic Burger with fries.

Elaine’s calzone was impressive
Spinach Gorgonzola Shrimp Pasta

Tonight we decided on Italian, so I headed to Babbo’s at N 16th St and E Glendale Ave. It was our first time at Babbo’s, but it won’t be our last! We were all astounded at the food quality. I had Spinach Gorgonzola Pasta with Shrimp, Elaine had a Mushroom-Pepperoni and Sausage Calzone, and John had Garlic Shrimp Pasta. I can testify that the Gorgonzola sauce was very rich and smooth and tasty. I ate about 1/4th to 1/3rd of my meal and brought the rest home. We were all shocked when the waiter brought out Elaine’s calzone; it was puffed-up huge, as you can see by the photo. Very impressive.

new windshield
See how clear our new golf cart windshield is!
Dave and John
Dave and John preparing the replacement windshield

The windshield on our golf cart had become scratched and was hard to see through, especially when heading into the sun. So a couple of weeks ago I ordered a replacement and this morning John helped me to install it. Wow! What a difference! Now, looking through the windshield is as if there was nothing there at all. Glad I did it; sorry it took me so long!

John in town. New gate in Royal Palm. Swimming.

John's truck
John’s truck parked on a lot down the street from us

We were delighted to hear yesterday that son John Ogden was coming to Phoenix, and he arrived at our house this afternoon around 1:30. He parked his truck on the vacant space across D Street and down a little, as usual, with permission from the office. Not sure how long he will be here, but at least until tomorrow.

at Las Gloria's
John, Elaine, and Dave at Las Gloria’s

We headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper tonight, since John wanted some Mexican food. It was delicious, as usual. John and Elaine had the Fajitas Supremas (Grilled steak, tender shrimp, and marinated chicken breast served on a sizzling bed of sautéed vegetables) and I had the Steak Picado (Diced grilled steak with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and spicy sauce. Served with rice, beans and flour tortillas.) Elaine and I both brought home full takeout boxes, so we’ll have leftovers for a couple of days. Yum!

New gate
The new gates are a little fancier in design and have a large emblem facing the street. That’s George Immerso “behind bars”.

The new entry gates were installed here at Royal Palm this morning. The old ones had to be replaced because they were badly bent due to someone running into them. This seems to happen 2-3 times a year, but is so senseless. People are in such a hurry and try to beat the gate while it is closing. How stupid!

The replacement includes a new operating system as well, with new gate operators and new controls. While we will be able to open the entry gate remotely as before, instead of using a clicker remote the new system will scan a card mounted on our windshield (or held up for the scanner to view). We’ll also be able to enter a code on the new control panel to open the gate.

We went swimming this afternoon as usual, but were by ourselves for the first twenty minutes. Then a few others came in and by the time we left there were six of us. That was quiet compared with yesterday, when there were eleven of us in the pool before we left!

Temp drop? Newsletter pickup. New managers. Score sheet.

I think I felt a temperature drop today – it was only 109°! That didn’t stop Elaine from remarking about the heat when we went out this morning, though. The forecast for the next week calls for temps in the 107-109 range.°

We went out this morning to cruise the Park looking for newsletters still hanging on mailboxes. We had been alerted to this over the weekend and had picked up some we knew were on vacation, but there were many others about whom we did not know, so we waited until after mail had been delivered on Monday. Continue reading Temp drop? Newsletter pickup. New managers. Score sheet.

Kindle app. June 26 1990 =122. 112 today.

It was a simple request, and one I thought would be easy to accomplish. It turned into an hour or more of complexity! Elaine asked me to install the Kindle reading app on her new tablet. As it turned out, the app was already there but there were only four books showing when there should have been hundreds. That was because the app was logged in under her Amazon/Kindle account instead of mine. So my first step was to add her account to mine and form a household account so we can share the library. That way she can also share in my Amazon Prime account. Continue reading Kindle app. June 26 1990 =122. 112 today.

Backing up. Vacationers. 114.

Allway Sync
A typical Allway Sync screen shot

I discovered that my Allway Sync Pro backup system was not operating. It must have gotten lost when my computer was last worked on by Geek Squad. I use CrashPlan by Code42 for my online backups and also have CrashPlan do a backup to my external hard drive. But those backups are in a compressed format not directly readable without going through CrashPlan, so for convenience I also do plain file backups to the external hard drive using Allway Sync. I have been using Allway Sync for more than ten years, with great satisfaction. Continue reading Backing up. Vacationers. 114.

Las Glorias. Village Inn. Clean desk. 115.

at Las Glorias
Dave, Elaine, Lisa, Pete, and Bill at Las Glorias

We had an excellent supper tonight at Las Gloria’s Grill, with Pete, Lisa, and Bill. At the pool this afternoon Elaine asked where I was taking her for supper, and that was my choice. Apparently it also suited Pete and Bill since they said they wanted to join us. And Pete contacted Lisa, who had been wanting to go there for some time so she joined us as well. Continue reading Las Glorias. Village Inn. Clean desk. 115.

Her eyes have it. Newsletter delivered. 112.

Horizon Eye
Horizon Eye Specialists’ Dr Jacobson examined Elaine’s eyes this morning

Elaine had a eye doctor appointment and got a good report. Her eyes are healthy and in good shape, except for cataracts that are forming. The latter will not be ready for surgery for a couple of years or so, Dr Jacobson said. She has reported a strange spot pattern upon arising in the morning that goes away right off, but they did not find any reason for this to happen. I have a theory that I shared with the doctors and they thought it likely, but we have to do some testing at home to determine if it is true or not. Continue reading Her eyes have it. Newsletter delivered. 112.

Good heart report. Newsletter flurry.

Good news from Elaine’s heart doctor, Dr Kauffman, today. The mild beta blocker he prescribed for her seems to be working well and he doesn’t need to see her again for six months! She has had none of the symptoms she experienced over the months prior to seeing him the first time. That is good news for us both, but especially since she can stop worrying so much. Continue reading Good heart report. Newsletter flurry.

117/115. Newsletter. Glasses.

today's temp
Today’s high temp set a new record

Another record temperature day! It hit 117°, which broke the previous record of 115° for the day. Yesterday a new record of 119° was set; the previous was 116°. On Monday the record was tied at 115°. For Sunday  the temp of 112° did not reach the 115° record, nor did it on Saturday; 110° actual vs. 115° record. The seven-day forecast predicts temps of 114°, 112°, 115°, 117°, 113°, and 111°. We’ve had four straight days at 110° or above, and it looks like we are in for at least another six. Continue reading 117/115. Newsletter. Glasses.