Breakfast in the Park. Video visit with Destry family.

We had Breakfast in the Park this morning; 45 people attended, which was a good turnout for this time of year. It was the usual offerings – biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage and/or bacon, blueberry pancakes, hash browns, fruit, and juice. While I didn’t eat all of those things, my biscuit and gravy, eggs, and sausage were great. The best part is all the people we got to have breakfast with!

This morning we made a shopping trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond and to Trader Joe’s. We invited Pete Petersen to come along since he always enjoys going to those places. It was Pete that got us going to Trader Joe’s, after all.

The Bed, Bath & Beyond stop was not very fruitful. Elaine wanted to buy some kitchen rugs and a Ronco rotisserie and I wanted to buy a bar tool set. We ended up with none of those. There were no rugs she liked and they didn’t have the other items. We ended up only buying a couple of other things.

We had better results at Trader Joe’s, however. There are always various food items that Elaine shops for there. We restocked our Praline Pecan supply (we both like those) and I got a couple bottles of red wine. We came out with a total of 2-3 shopping bags full.

This evening we had a video call with Destry, Rachel, Cody, and Cora Ogden in Oregon. It was so much fun to see and talk with the grandkids; today is their third birthday. Destry showed us a project they have underway in their backyard and we got to see some of the improvements they have made. We hope to visit with them soon.

Then we had a good phone call with granddaughter Taylor Dockter, from Missoula MT. She and Grandma had a long conversation about wedding and shower planning, then the three of us discussed making arrangements for our stay at the Grand Lucayan Resort on Grand Bahama Island for their wedding at the end of this year. I’ll be making our reservations for flight and lodging soon.

Marv Fitchett bought the materials for building an awning over our rear entrance porch and along the house to the rear. He’ll start building that soon.

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