Galaxy S8+. Lucky’s.

S6 and S8+
The Samsung Galaxy S6 on the left, the Galaxy S8+ on the right.

After vacillating about it for several weeks, I finally broke down and got a new smartphone. My Samsung Galaxy S6 has served me well for several years but for the last few months the battery has been charging more slowly and the charge has not lasted long. In fact, on a typical day I have had to recharge the phone two or three times a day. I’ve done all the proper things to extend battery life and have had both Verizon and Samsung techs look at it. I decided to skip over the S7 series and go straight to the latest S8 series – just released last month.

At first I was not happy with the idea of a slightly narrower and much taller phone, but once I handled both the S8 and the S8+ I realized it was no big deal. I ended up with the S8+ simply because it has slightly higher specs and is larger. The S8 has a 5.8-inch screen, the S8+ a 6.2-inch screen. Both offer much higher resolution than my old S6 did. The S6 has a 5.1-inch screen. In addition to the larger physical size, the S8 and S8+ both have the curved edges and almost no case around the screen and this adds to the effective size. As you can see in the photo above, the extra screen size of the S8+ allows two more rows of icons on each window.

I was very pleased with the ease of making the transfer using the Smart Switch app. It took about 20 minutes at the Best Buy store to transfer the files from the S6 to the S8+, and then another half hour or so to finish saving and arranging everything on the S8+. The Smart Switch app copied just about all of my apps, screens, folders, images, files, contacts, calendars, and so on. There are a few that I will have to install separately, such as Samsung Pay. But other than those everything I had on the S6 is there on the S8+, arranged as it was on the S6, and for the most part ready to go. My email accounts were copied over but I had to reenter my passwords.

I liked the holster/case I have on my S6 so I ordered the same one for my S8+.

The Gyro from Lucky’s Burgers & Shakes

Pete Petersen and I headed to the Sunnyslope Senior Citizens Center intending to try their lunch. We arrived around 12:30 only to find out that lunch is at 11:30 – and only 11:30! We’ll have to try it another time. There is an elderly lady here in the Park who could benefit from home delivery of meals and we wanted to try out the fare, since it comes from the Senior Center. Not being able to lunch there, we went instead to Lucky’s Burgers & Shakes near N 19th Ave and W Thunderbird. Pete has gone there often and has raved about their food. I had the Gyro Sandwich, and it was good! It was also so large that I brought 2/3 of it home and Elaine and I shared that for supper. It was good reheated, too.

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