Pro 4 setup. Kindle vs Kindle. Elaine phone to Best Buy.

I continued setting up my new Surface Pro 4 tablet today. I downloaded and installed my Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 applications; this is the system that comes with the Geek Squad package I use for our computers. I ended up doing it twice, because I first downloaded the wrong package and then had to uninstall it. But I finally got it done and working. Our package allows us to cover up to five computers, so I have my laptop, my two tablets, my previous Galaxy S6 smartphone, and Elaine’s laptop enrolled. I will be dropping the Pro 2 tablet and the S6 smartphone; I haven’t decided if I will enroll my new Galaxy S8+. I will look further into whether Kaspersky gives me an advantage on a smartphone.

One Kaspersky feature I am not totally comfortable with is Secure Connection. This opens a different browser connection under certain circumstances of which I am not sure at this point. What I do know, is that this operation is klutzy and seems to create more complication. I have started testing the Opera browser, and it provides not only a Private Window option – similar to Incognito Window in Chrome, inCognito Window in Edge, or Private Window in Firefox – in which no record of the browsing session is stored on the local computer, but Opera also offers VPN (Virtual Private Network) service for free. From what I read about VPN, your online session is totally untraceable and private and not even your ISP can see what you are doing. If this provides the security necessary for banking and other secure activities then it is a better approach than Kaspersky’s Secure Connection. I’ll let you know.

One app that I use very much is the Kindle reader. I tried installing the Kindle app found in Windows Store and was soon very frustrated when I tried to open the app. When I tried to log in it refused my credentials and sent me an email that seemed to come from Amazon with a code to give me a one-time login. It did not work, and I tried it many times. Finally I went to the Kindle site and downloaded the app from there and it worked like a champ right off. So: Do Not Use the Kindle App from Windows Store!

Elaine has been frustrated by several glitches in the operation of her Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone so we went to Best Buy today to have the experts there look at it. I had been able to find some of the problems and fix them but she had more questions. The tech did a good job of going through the phone and found some other possible items that could cause issues, but she said the Samsung rep could go into a more in-depth analysis. Unfortunately that rep would not be in for an hour or so and we were not able to follow through with him today.

While at Best Buy I also bought a USB-A to USB-C cable for my new phone. The S8+ uses the new USB-C spec and this has a different connector than the microUSB we’ve used for so long. While the needed cable came with the phone I wanted the one I bought today to use with the charger in the car.

I also bought a 128 GB microSDXC card to add to the memory for my Surface Pro 4. Yesterday I forgot to include the SD card capability in my description of the Surface Pro 4. This essentially doubles the amount of memory available.

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