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today's temp
Today’s high temp set a new record

Another record temperature day! It hit 117°, which broke the previous record of 115° for the day. Yesterday a new record of 119° was set; the previous was 116°. On Monday the record was tied at 115°. For Sunday  the temp of 112° did not reach the 115° record, nor did it on Saturday; 110° actual vs. 115° record. The seven-day forecast predicts temps of 114°, 112°, 115°, 117°, 113°, and 111°. We’ve had four straight days at 110° or above, and it looks like we are in for at least another six.

As you can well imagine, these extreme temperatures are causing lots of problems. Many people who live on the streets have a difficult time; the Salvation Army and others are providing hydration stations all over the city. Not only is the air hot, but even things like our porch railings are very hot to the touch even if they have been in the shade all day long. Riding in the golf cart creates a wind like a blast furnace.

There are at least 15 wildfires across Arizona and the high temps are very hard on firefighters and help to promote dry tinder conditions.

Many flights have been canceled from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, as well as Mesa Gateway Airport, due to the heat. It is due to a factor called “density altitude”. The hotter air is lighter and reduces the efficiency of aircraft engines and of lift. This means that higher speeds would be necessary for takeoff and those speeds may exceed the specs for tires. It also means that longer runways would be needed to reach takeoff speeds. These conditions affect the smaller regional aircraft more, so those are more likely to be canceled. Using the FAA Koch Density Altitude chart, at a temperature of 120° for an airport such as those above at an elevation of around 1,500 feet above sea level, it would require about 80% more runway for takeoff and the rate of climb would be reduced by around 50%.

On another front, I have finished the July newsletter and will take it to the printer tomorrow morning. Always glad to get to that point each month. Again, I put off the interview for the Royal Palm Spotlight feature until the end and it was only this afternoon that I got it done. Each month I vow to do this earlier in the month, but I seem not to get that done. Maybe in July? What I really need to do is get several interviews done ahead of time so I will have them ready for future issues.

Elaine did some more shopping for materials for decorating our golf cart for the Independence Day parade here in Royal Palm. One item she made looked so great that a friend asked her to make one for him, so she is doing that. You’ll see the results in a couple of weeks.

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