Good heart report. Newsletter flurry.

Good news from Elaine’s heart doctor, Dr Kauffman, today. The mild beta blocker he prescribed for her seems to be working well and he doesn’t need to see her again for six months! She has had none of the symptoms she experienced over the months prior to seeing him the first time. That is good news for us both, but especially since she can stop worrying so much.

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Cover of the July issue of The Palm Press. Click on the image to download

I got the newsletter to the printer (UPS on E Dunlap Ave) and back today, but it did not get out without a bunch of last-minute flurry. I did some final edits this morning and went through it again “just to check”. Then I made the PDF copies needed for the printer and loaded them onto a USB memory stick. Then, as I was getting up to head out the door Leslie Nielsen called to tell me she needed to make a minor change regarding the upcoming July 4th event. I got those changes made and got everything back on the USB drive when I suddenly remembered that I had not set up the puzzle! Back to the computer, make the changes, reload the copies on the USB drive, and finally was able to get out the door. This newsletter has 22 pages, with two of them as a color insert. An advertiser has also provided another insert to include, but I don’t include that in the page count.

Our heat wave continued, with a high of 113° today. However, it apparently had cooled enough so the boys decided to continue on a walk when I took them out around 5:30 this evening. At 115° or above they just go to maybe the neighboring lot and then want to return!

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  1. Hey – we love getting good news and that is great news re: Elaine. Also, thank you again Dave for the great news letter.

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