Her eyes have it. Newsletter delivered. 112.

Horizon Eye
Horizon Eye Specialists’ Dr Jacobson examined Elaine’s eyes this morning

Elaine had a eye doctor appointment and got a good report. Her eyes are healthy and in good shape, except for cataracts that are forming. The latter will not be ready for surgery for a couple of years or so, Dr Jacobson said. She has reported a strange spot pattern upon arising in the morning that goes away right off, but they did not find any reason for this to happen. I have a theory that I shared with the doctors and they thought it likely, but we have to do some testing at home to determine if it is true or not.

We usually assembled the volunteers for folding the newsletter for delivery at 9:30 in the morning, but because of the eye appointment we called it for 1:00 this afternoon. As usual the team made short work of the project and we were out of there and on the street in just over 20 minutes. Elaine and I delivered newsletters to residents on B Street and D Street, and had that done in about 30 minutes – in time to head to the pool.

It hit 112° today, continuing the 110+ trend for another day.

A couple of days ago we noticed that the pool water was getting warmer. Normally it is around 85°, but with the hotter days it gets even higher. The thermometer has been removed from the pool so I could not read the temperature, but we felt it was over 90°. Elaine mentioned it to the staff and on the last two nights they have run the aerators, and that brings down the pool temp to a more comfortable level. They will do this as long as the temperatures remain so high.

With the newsletter done, I can relax for a few days and turn to other tasks.

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