Las Glorias. Village Inn. Clean desk. 115.

at Las Glorias
Dave, Elaine, Lisa, Pete, and Bill at Las Glorias

We had an excellent supper tonight at Las Gloria’s Grill, with Pete, Lisa, and Bill. At the pool this afternoon Elaine asked where I was taking her for supper, and that was my choice. Apparently it also suited Pete and Bill since they said they wanted to join us. And Pete contacted Lisa, who had been wanting to go there for some time so she joined us as well.

Elaine had their Fajitas Supremas again – a delicious combination of grilled steak, tender shrimp, and marinated chicken on a sizzling bed of sauteed vegetables. I had their Pulpo a la Diabla – spicy sauteed octopus; never had that before here, but I would certainly order it again. Very spicy, though!

Our breakfast out was at Village Inn on E Bell Rd. We haven’t been there for some time, but always enjoy it – as we did this morning. I had a One-Eyed Benedict – that’s what Diane, our server, called it. It was Eggs Benedict with one poached egg (instead of two) and canadian style bacon slices served atop a split english muffin, covered in hollandaise sauce. Yum. Elaine had French Toast with sausage (for the boys). She says it was really good French Toast; cooked all the way through.

clean desk
How’s this for a clean desk?

I spent much of the morning clearing my desk. It always gets messy when I prepare the monthly Royal Palm newsletter, as I gather materials that will be used in the content. I usually try to “clear the decks” after, filing stuff away and throwing out whatever does not need to be saved. For a couple of weeks, at least, my working space is fairly clear. I enjoy that period!

And the heat goes on. It got to 115° today. That’s the point where it is harder to breathe and I noticed it while swimming in the pool this afternoon. The staff has been running the aerators at the pool, which cools the water nicely so it is more comfortable. But the air just above the water surface was hot, and that is the level where I was breathing.


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