Backing up. Vacationers. 114.

Allway Sync
A typical Allway Sync screen shot

I discovered that my Allway Sync Pro backup system was not operating. It must have gotten lost when my computer was last worked on by Geek Squad. I use CrashPlan by Code42 for my online backups and also have CrashPlan do a backup to my external hard drive. But those backups are in a compressed format not directly readable without going through CrashPlan, so for convenience I also do plain file backups to the external hard drive using Allway Sync. I have been using Allway Sync for more than ten years, with great satisfaction.

So I downloaded the latest version of Allway Sync and got it running again. I had to set up my backup jobs again, but that is easy using this program. I have separate jobs for Documents, Pictures, and my web work. Allway Sync includes a scheduling tool and I have all those jobs set to do a backup once a day. Having these plain file backups makes it faster to recover any file I need.

By the way, my Documents folder contains over 606,000 files in over 15,000 folders for about 92 GB, and my Pictures folder contains over 45,000 files in 2,154 folders for about 124 GB.

I got a call last night from Tom Nugent, from here in Royal Palm. He had noticed that there were newsletters hanging from the paper rack on several mailboxes in his neighborhood and knew that some of those were either snowbirds or on vacation. So today Elaine and I drove around in our golf cart to check on them, and recovered a handful of newsletters from houses where folks are away. Then we decided to continue on through the rest of the Park and found quite a few others. In some cases Elaine knew the residents were away, but we were not sure in others. Perhaps they were only gone for the weekend. So we’ll go back tomorrow evening, after the mail has come and the folks are likely to be home to check to see what newsletters are still out. I guess I have to learn to check with the office to get a list of those away each month in the summer!

It got up to 114° today. In the forecast we only have one more 110+ day and then it should cool down to under 110° for a week or so.

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