Kindle app. June 26 1990 =122. 112 today.

It was a simple request, and one I thought would be easy to accomplish. It turned into an hour or more of complexity! Elaine asked me to install the Kindle reading app on her new tablet. As it turned out, the app was already there but there were only four books showing when there should have been hundreds. That was because the app was logged in under her Amazon/Kindle account instead of mine. So my first step was to add her account to mine and form a household account so we can share the library. That way she can also share in my Amazon Prime account.

But when I started the setup I first had to reclaim her account password, since she did not even know she HAD an Amazon account. That took several steps, but I finally got it done. But then I could not figure out how to get the household account to show up on her new tablet, so I called Kindle Support.

The support tech had me go through a series of steps, which resulted in using her new tablet, my phone, and a computer. This is the part that took the longest, including a roughly ten-minute hold. But I finally got it done, and now Elaine has access to all the books in our household account AND she can use our joint Amazon Prime.

Our temp peaked at 112° today – it was the tenth day in a row that we had temps at 110° or above. But our forecast is for cooler weather in the next week; it will be 109, 108, 109, 109, 107, and 106. We will welcome that! Temperatures at 110° and above are hot, and prompt Excessive Heat Warnings. Average high temp for this date is 108°, so we are not much above average and the upcoming days will be around average.

But on this date in 1990, Phoenix experienced it’s all-time record high temperature of 122°. And interesting factoid is if you take the date as 6+26+90 it equals 122, the record high on that date.

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