Temp drop? Newsletter pickup. New managers. Score sheet.

I think I felt a temperature drop today – it was only 109°! That didn’t stop Elaine from remarking about the heat when we went out this morning, though. The forecast for the next week calls for temps in the 107-109 range.°

We went out this morning to cruise the Park looking for newsletters still hanging on mailboxes. We had been alerted to this over the weekend and had picked up some we knew were on vacation, but there were many others about whom we did not know, so we waited until after mail had been delivered on Monday.

We picked up ten newsletters today, in addition to the 5-6 we picked up on Saturday. I really have to figure out how to learn about people going on vacation or snowbirds returning “home” for the summer.

We were saddened to learn yesterday that our Park managers – John and Linda Miller – are leaving at the end of this week. They decided to leave, though I am not sure why, and the wife part of the new management team came in this week and her husband will follow soon. I can’t imagine having to learn all the ropes in only one week!

We have enjoyed Linda and John, and the residents have benefited greatly from their management. They have been able to convince the owners to make many improvements that have made the Park more attractive and a better place to live. I think it has paid off in increased home sales and rentals. I think 8-10 have sold or been rented in just the last few months.

Chris Nugent was called away suddenly due to several illnesses in her family in Illinois, so Elaine picked up the card set and other items needed for the Hand & Foot card game they play on Monday nights. But she found there was only one score sheet in the package and that got used last night, so today I made a new one using Excel and printed out some more. That way they’ll be all set until Chris can return.

3 thoughts on “Temp drop? Newsletter pickup. New managers. Score sheet.”

  1. Dave, the mail person used to put a string around the mailbox of those that were gone or units that were empty and that way some of the delivery persons would know not to deliver newsletters.

      1. Our previous mail lady was Donna. I had the feeling that this is something she did on her own. Not necessarily a PO thing. Maybe if someone would drop a hint in the currant fellows mind he may do that also. FYI we will be gone until first part of Sept.

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