Fast Eddie’s. Smashburger. Babbo’s.

biscuits and gravy
John’s Biscuits and Gravy and Red Flannel Hash

Today was a day of eating! We started with breakfast at Fast Eddie’s Diner at N 33rd Ave and W Bell Rd. We always like Fast Eddie’s; it was John’s first time there and I don’t think we would have to twist his arm to go again. They always have great food. I had a Denver Omelet and sausage, Elaine had eggs and toast and bacon, and John had biscuits and gravy and red flannel hash.

Our lunch was at Smashburger, Elaine’s favorite burger spot. She and I shared an Avocado Club burger with Veggie Frites, John had a Classic Burger with fries.

Elaine’s calzone was impressive
Spinach Gorgonzola Shrimp Pasta

Tonight we decided on Italian, so I headed to Babbo’s at N 16th St and E Glendale Ave. It was our first time at Babbo’s, but it won’t be our last! We were all astounded at the food quality. I had Spinach Gorgonzola Pasta with Shrimp, Elaine had a Mushroom-Pepperoni and Sausage Calzone, and John had Garlic Shrimp Pasta. I can testify that the Gorgonzola sauce was very rich and smooth and tasty. I ate about 1/4th to 1/3rd of my meal and brought the rest home. We were all shocked when the waiter brought out Elaine’s calzone; it was puffed-up huge, as you can see by the photo. Very impressive.

new windshield
See how clear our new golf cart windshield is!
Dave and John
Dave and John preparing the replacement windshield

The windshield on our golf cart had become scratched and was hard to see through, especially when heading into the sun. So a couple of weeks ago I ordered a replacement and this morning John helped me to install it. Wow! What a difference! Now, looking through the windshield is as if there was nothing there at all. Glad I did it; sorry it took me so long!

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