New permanent bridge. John is off. Sorting parts.

Finally, my permanent bridge is in place. The dentist told me to not bite with those teeth for another 24 hours, while the cement is curing. But after that I should be able to eat as normal. The new bridge has none of the roughness and edges the temporary one had. I must have been good, because the last temporary did not break and did not come loose. The tech had to work hard to remove it.

John headed out this morning, going to pick up and drop off an empty trailer and then hook onto a full one to head to Compton CA. Compton is one of his least favorite places. Aside from the poor layout at the distribution center he will go to, he hates the California traffic. In fact he begs his planners and dispatch to not send him to California.

We had a good visit with John over the day and a half he was able to spend with us. We got to visit, he helped with a couple of projects around the house, and we got to eat out a lot.

We also ended up with lots of leftovers, and that is what we dined on tonight. Elaine reheated our meals from Wednesday night at Las Glorias Grill. Mine was still good and tasty.

I spent some time in my shop this morning, working on sorting out the nuts, bolts, screws, nails, etc, into the new divided storage boxes. I had bought six storage boxes earlier and found I needed more to handle the variety of items I will store, so I ordered another six. Today I used four or five of those and that helped to clear a lot of stuff from the bench and from a storage box I had used before. I had a group of four boxes that came in a rack with a handle and I carried those in our motorhome for the eleven years we were traveling. I am going to use that four-box set for irrigation supplies, so I am emptying them of the parts and items that had collected there over the years, and distributing those contents into the new box set. The two boxes in which I had been keeping irrigation supplies match the new ones, so I will add them to the parts set when emptied. After swimming I headed to The Home Depot to purchase shelves and brackets which I will attach to a wall in the shop and on which I will store those boxes.

It was a little above average temperature today, with a high of 109° compared with an average of 107°. But our forecast is calling for some 110-111° temps in the coming days.

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