119. Newsletter.

We’ll be hot for a week or more!

When I saw 95° at 7:36 this morning I knew it was going to be hot today. It turned out to be a record 119° here in Phoenix. And the forecast shows it will cool off to 110° a week from now. They say that above 110° the body cannot easily cool itself and needs supplemental cooling of some type. Thank goodness for air conditioning! Continue reading 119. Newsletter.

New temporary bridge. Father’s Day was great. 118 today.

new bridge
I have a new temporary bridge on top in front

Back to Aspen Dental this morning to have the previous temporary bridge removed, things cleaned up, more fine tuning done on the posts, and a new temporary bridge installed. The previous one was installed a month ago and I had to wait while the gums healed from having three teeth removed in preparation for the new bridge. All healed well, and I got the new temporary today. In two weeks I’ll get the permanent one. The previous one broke a week ago, so this last week I have had no teeth in the front on my upper jaw. Check out my photo at right – see, I know how to do selfies! Continue reading New temporary bridge. Father’s Day was great. 118 today.

Breakfast burritos. Pot roast supper. Murky pool. 112.

Sunday is Breakfast Burrito day at our house – Elaine’s excellent ones. She cooks the meat mixture in advance in a large batch and freezes it in packages the correct size for two burritos. It’s a mix of ground beef and sausage with red and green peppers and onions chopped and mixed in. On burrito day she cooks some eggs, heats the meat mixture, puts some grated Mexican style cheese down on a tortilla and adds the eggs and meat on top and we are ready to go. Very fast to prepare and very, very tasty! The only other thing we add is salsa. Continue reading Breakfast burritos. Pot roast supper. Murky pool. 112.

Fast Eddie’s. Philodendron climbing. 110. Estivation? Social Club meeting. Newsletter.

My one-egg Denver omelet with sausage

We went for breakfast this morning to Fast Eddie’s, on W Bell Road near N 33rd Ave. We have been there before, but not for quite a while. They have great food at good prices. We often order one meal and split it, but Elaine decided to try their oatmeal so I ordered a one-egg Denver omelet, as you can see in the photo. Just enough, and very tasty. I ate one of the sausages and brought the second home for the boys. Continue reading Fast Eddie’s. Philodendron climbing. 110. Estivation? Social Club meeting. Newsletter.

Women On The Go. 109. New tires. More parts organizing.

Some of the group of ladies at the Women On The Go outing at The Horny Toad

Elaine hosted the Women On The Go outing today; Mary McDougale was supposed to work with her but Mary recently fell and broke her ankle bones and is laid up for many weeks. The group went back to The Horny Toad in Cave Creek again; they went there several months ago and many wanted to return. There were 15 in today’s group. Continue reading Women On The Go. 109. New tires. More parts organizing.

107. Monsoon season. Organizing.

The heat climb has started. 104° yesterday, 107° today, and expected to continue to climb to the 120° range by Tuesday. The current situation is not uncommon for Phoenix, but temperatures above 115° are less common. The record is 122°. We are not much affected by these temperatures, living in air conditioned homes and driving in air conditioned cars. Of course our golf car is NOT air conditioned, and there is no air conditioning when we are outside such as at the pool. But that’s OK. We’ll take it! Continue reading 107. Monsoon season. Organizing.

Flag Day. Card class. Motorhome batteries. Dolls.

We are proud to fly the US flag, especially on this Flag Day.

Today is Flag Day, and the Violettes made sure their flags were out. I am so pleased to finally have a US flag displayed at our house full time now; I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. And a couple of weeks ago Elaine fastened two smaller flags on our golf cart. You can see all three in the photo at left. Continue reading Flag Day. Card class. Motorhome batteries. Dolls.

Warming up. Palm trees trimmed.

Here’s our weather forecast for the next week. It’s going to get warm!

It will be warming up here in Phoenix, so we hear. We have had two days with great temps in the mid-90s and may have gotten spoiled. However, that will not last, as you can see by the graphic at the left. That’s our forecast for the next week. It’s not uncommon for June around here. Continue reading Warming up. Palm trees trimmed.

What sex is your palm tree?

flowers on palm
A closer view of the flowers on the Royal Palm trees. These are the whitish-yellow things you see on long stalks on these trees.
palm flowers
The Royal Palms have flowered for spring.

For the last few weeks the Royal Palms have been flowering. This happens each spring and while it is going on we have a mess on the ground and especially in the pool. Those tiny flowers fall from the palms or are blown off by the wind and we find a copious amount each day on the surface of the pool. And as I swam around in the pool and observed the many flowers on the trees over the last weeks I got to wondering which trees were male and which were female. You see, in the back yard at our house on Sweetwater Ave we had several Canary Palms and learned that this species has separate male and female trees. And I got to learn how to identify the difference in Canary Palms. Continue reading What sex is your palm tree?

Violette sign. Deck footstool. Echo vs Alexa.

name sign
Here’s the new Violette name sign recently added to our front planters

I completed installing our new Violette name sign this morning. This is a metal sign, painted black, with our last name in light violet done with vinyl lettering. We had it made at deSIGNery Sign Company on W Hatcher, the same place where we had the banners made for Royal Palm Social Club. Bill was very helpful in selecting sign materials and techniques.

front name sign
An overall look at the new Violette name sign

The sign is placed to cover the gap between planter face boards and helps to identify who lives here. As if they couldn’t tell from all the violet colors on the house! It fits in very nicely.

assembling foot stool
Pete assembling our new deck footstool
Elaine and footstool
Elaine and Gizmo relaxing and using our new deck footstool

My second project this morning was to assemble the deck footstool Elaine bought at IKEA the other day. Actually, Pete Petersen did the assembling while I sat and read the instructions and held some parts while he fastened them. Elaine thought the colors and materials would complement our rattan deck chairs, and she was correct. It fits in well. We both prefer to have our feet elevated when relaxing and needed something on which to rest them while sitting in our deck chairs. We both agreed that we are more likely to use our deck in good weather now that we have that footstool.

I changed the code word from “Alexa” to “Echo” for our Echo Dot. Those are two of the four options recognized; the other two are “Amazon” and “Computer”; the latter word is used often enough in our house that I didn’t want to use that one. The reason I changed it is that Elaine was having trouble remembering “Alexa” and kept wanting to call it “Alexia”. She tried some commands and got frustrated and gave up when she was not getting proper results.