Decorating golf cart. Dropbox vs. OneDrive.

front view golf cart
Front view of our golf cart decorated for Independence Day

Elaine did a wash job on the golf cart today – wow, it sure looks great again! (She also washed half the driveway as well.) That was in preparation for decorating it for the golf cart parade tomorrow morning. After swimming this afternoon we did the decorations and now it is ready to go. I think she did a great job in picking out decorations to use. It sure is colorful!

rear view
Rear view of golf cart

Royal Palm community will have a host of activities tomorrow to celebrate Independence Day, among them is a golf cart/scooter/bike parade at 10:00 in the morning. That’s what we are preparing for.

I want to be able to share files among my three devices: my Windows 10 laptop, my Windows 10 tablet, and my Android smartphone. For example, when I take a photo on my smartphone I want it uploaded to be available on my computer and my tablet. And since my new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet is slightly larger and much easier to use I tend to use it more, so I would like to be able to access more of my files on both laptop and tablet.

I started using Dropbox several years ago – so long ago I cannot remember when. It has served me well and generally suits my needs. OneDrive is a more recent application developed by Microsoft that purports to do about the same thing. Once I subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 ($99 per year) I also have a 1 TB OneDrive subscription included. So I thought it might be advantageous for me to switch to OneDrive.

Actually, I have two Dropbox accounts. One is my personal account; it is free and has a 5.8 GB limit and that is the one I have been mostly using for the last few years. The other is my SitePower business account and it has a 1 TB limit and costs $99 per year; I forgot I even had this one until I did some digging today.

I played around with OneDrive and found it very clunky and hard to use. It would generally frustrate me, so I decided not to try to use it.

Instead I will consolidate my two Dropbox accounts into one (the larger one) and use it for all my needs. I spent an hour or so with the help of Dropbox tech support getting started in that process today and it is mostly done now. Just have to fix a glitch I caused and cannot figure out how to resolve on my own.


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