Naked golf cart. Hot. Dry.

Independence Day is over, so today we stripped all the decorations off the golf cart. They came off faster than they went on, though we were careful in removing them so they can be used again another year. Elaine carefully packed almost all of them in a single large tub and I snapped a cover on it. The large flag wreath that was on the back of the golf cart is too large to fit in the tub, so it stayed separate; I will pack it in a large plastic bag to keep it clean. We set the tub in the shed in a temporary place; I will make a spot for it on the shelves when I reorganize some of the stuff already on the shelves.

The temp hit 112° today, and the forecast calls for temperatures at 110° or above for most of the next week. Since this streak started, we have had 14 days now with temps at 110° or above, and more to come. Average high temperature is around 107° at this time of year.

Along with the heat, we have also been seasonably dry as well. The last measurable rainfall was on May 9th. This is not unusual. We are headed into the season of monsoon storms, however, so we will not remain dry for long.

I recently ordered a pair of 6-inch LED light bars to replace the headlights on our golf cart. The present headlights cannot be adjusted for height and they shine too high, blinding oncoming traffic. The new light bars came in a couple of days ago, but when I opened the package I found that one mounting bolt was missing. This is a small stainless steel 4- or 5-mm bolt. I stopped at 6 Points Ace Hardware this afternoon to try to find a replacement but they did not have one. I did buy a 10-32 stainless steel bolt of the same length and a nut to go with it, but the nut is too wide to fit in the slot in the light bar body so it will not work. I will notify the Amazon seller about the problem but will also check at Barry’s Ace Hardware in the meantime.

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