First Watch breakfast. Monsoon closer.

Barbacoa Benedict
My Barbacoa Benedict: delicious on ciabatta bread. Elaine donated the strawberries to me.

Sharlene Froberg asked us last night if we ever eat breakfast at First Watch, a breakfast and lunch place relatively near us. I told her we had gone there several times many years ago but had not returned in recent years, though I could not remember why. Elaine also could not remember why we stopped, so we decided to try it again this morning. Based on today’s experience, we will return to First Watch again! Elaine had Steel-Cut Oatmeal (made-to-order topped with house-marinated berries, fresh sliced banana and pecans. Served with low-fat milk, brown sugar and a fresh baked muffin of the day) and I had Barbacoa Benedict (two poached cage-free eggs atop toasted ciabatta with seasoned braised beef Barbacoa, hollandaise, sliced avocado and fresh cilantro. Served with pico de gallo and lemon dressed organic mixed greens).

steelcut oatmeal
Elaine’s Steelcut Oatmeal, with muffin and fruit

The First Watch restaurant on N Black Canyon Hwy is next to the Courtyard by Marriott hotel. We stayed at the Courtyard when we came to Phoenix in February 2000 for my job interview and then after accepting the job offer we stayed there for a short time while waiting for our household goods to catch up with us. First Watch was an easy walk from the hotel, so we ate there several times. But we did not return soon, since our first house was way up in north Scottsdale and our second was east of the AZ 51, both too far away for First Watch to be convenient. The house we eventually bought was on W Sweetwater – closer but still less convenient than many other restaurants. It was when we started wintering in Royal Palm that we were close to First Watch again and that must have been when we came back. But there was something one time when we were there that turned us off and we did not return until this morning. We’ll be back, though.

Our skies are starting to cloud up, signifying the approach of monsoon storms, and the dew point is rising into the 50s. It was not as hot today – the high was only 113° compared with 118° yesterday. But even that was 6° above normal. The forecast expects a 15% chance of rain on Sunday and Monday, so not a high chance. Many other parts of Arizona have been getting storms, though, including severe thunderstorms. Those are the higher parts of the state to the east, northeast, and north of us. And the weather patterns have shifted so the winds are coming from the east and southeast. It’s only a matter of time before we get it here in the Valley of the Sun!

Supper tonight was leftovers from last night. I had leftover halibut and spaghetti squash and Andouille sausage and Elaine had her Pasta Mardi Gras. Elaine made some cheesy muffins using a Red Lobster packaged mix and they were good with the meal. We had that package in the pantry for some time and thought we should use it soon.

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