Headlights not good. Golf cart rain cover.

We got a few complaints about the headlights on our golf cart being aimed too high. They were blinding oncoming drivers. Some time ago I added some plastic bumpers at the bottom of the lights, trying to tip them down. While it may have helped a little, it was not enough. So I tried adding another layer of bumpers, but still no good. My next trial was to add some screws at the bottom of the light fixture so I could maybe tip them further. That did not work.

light bar
The LED light bar I tried to use the replace the headlight. It did not work well.

A week or so ago I went online looking for replacement lights that could be adjusted. On Amazon I hit upon some six-bulb LED light strips and ordered them after measuring to be sure they would fit inside the pocket where the headlamps go. On Sunday morning Pete Petersen and I (mostly Pete) worked out how to install these light bars in the headlamp pockets and got the first one in place. Last night after dark I did a test but found that the spread from the light bar was too broad in the vertical so these lights would also blind oncoming drivers. The light bars were nice and bright, though.

So today I went back to Amazon and found some replacement LED headlight (and taillight) sets for the Club Car DS and ordered them. They should be here by next Monday. The description on these say they are adjustable like those on an automobile. We will see.

I have mentioned lately that we are entering the active monsoon period, which means lots of rain storms. We usually park the golf cart outside and not under cover, but don’t want the seats to get rained on so they don’t deteriorate too fast. If I know a storm is coming I will usually run it around to the rear and park in under the awning by the shed. But that does no good if we want to park the golf cart over by the Clubhouse or Game Room or if a storm comes while we are away.

Last year I cut two seams of a contractor-size to open it up to a single layer and used it to cover the seats. I had to improvise using duct tape and bungee cords to hold it in place, but had an idea for a different approach.

Two magnets I attached to the body to hold the rain cover

Today I bought some small magnets at Barry’s Ace Hardware on W Glendale Ave and started attaching them to the plastic cover using superglue. The rack and frame behind the seats are made of steel, so magnets will attach there easily. The body under the seat is fiberglass, so I attached some magnets to it using screws and the magnets attached to the plastic cover will stick to those. I got part of it done late afternoon, but need some additional magnets to attach to the fiberglass so I can finish the job. The real test will be how well the cover stays in place when the heavy winds blow.

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