Forecast: below normal. Management crisis at Royal Palm.

Our 7-day forecast is for mostly below-average temps

Yesterday our temps were below normal, today they were around normal, and our forecast is for several below-normal days ahead. Normal for this time of year is around 107°, and the 103-104 range feels good. However, the humidity is rising with the monsoon shift and we are seeing towering cumulus clouds building up to the north and the east in the afternoon and a more general cloud cover in the evening. Definitely a sign that there is more moisture in our atmosphere!

No rain down here in the Valley, though the higher country north and east has been getting storms. As you can see by the forecast graphic, we do have a 30-40% expectancy in the coming week.

We’ve had some turmoil here in Royal Palm over the last couple of weeks. We learned three weeks ago that our most recent managers were leaving and that a new management couple was coming from Kentucky to take over. Two weeks ago the female half of the new team was here for training, though her husband did not come. She was gone last week and we learned on Monday that they would not be taking the job. So now we have NO manager!

We were sorry to have the previous managers leave, for they did a very good job for our community and got a lot of needed and beneficial changes approved during the six months or so they were here. But the job did not suit their desired life style. We have not heard why the new team decided to not take the job, though there is a lot of guessing going on. Most popular is that coming from KY they could not take the Phoenix heat; she was here during a record heat episode, after all. Others think the job may have turned out to be too much for them. But whatever the reason, they are not coming.

A corporate rep is here this week to keep things moving forward; not sure how long she will stay.

Among all the rest of what is going on, they are working to implement the new gate system changes. The entry/exit gates have been replaced as have the operating mechanisms and the control panel. Our “clickers” will no longer work with the new system but we will have a special card to attach to our windshield that the new system will scan and recognize and open the gate for us. We’ll also each have an individual gate code that we can enter at the console to open the gate; in the past there was a single common code that could be used.

Once the new gate key cards are distributed they will leave the gate closed again; it has been open for several weeks now waiting for the replacement. We’ll be glad to be a gated community again.

2 thoughts on “Forecast: below normal. Management crisis at Royal Palm.”

    1. It might have been 10-15 years ago, Rod, but not today. We spent 20+ years (25+ for Elaine) owning and managing a mobilehome park and don’t want to go back there. We’re enjoying retirement too much!

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