Board meeting. Motorhome clearing. Newsletter interview.

Elaine and I went to the Royal Palm Social Club board meeting this morning. It was a good hour spent discussing potential programs and activities for the Club. Part of the concern is to have activities that will bring income to the Club to help support its programs. There was a lively discussion on several topics. One activity that the Club voted to have is a “Share The Pot” activity at Social Club meetings and other Club events. People buy tickets and the proceeds will be split 50% to the winner, 50% to the Club. The first of these will be the Social Club meeting coming this Saturday.

Before going to the meeting I went to the motorhome and started the engine and generator for their monthly exercise and battery-charging. After the meeting we headed to the motorhome, it being cool by then, and did some more work on emptying it. It has been a couple of months since we last worked on this project, having been so busy with other projects. Now we want to get the job done within the next week or so.

I had emptied a couple of large plastic tubs from the shop and we already had another at the motorhome plus a shallower one. We filled those with our work in about an hour today but still need 3-4 more tubs to finish the job. I think we have gathered everything on the inside now and either put it in one of the tubs or have it gathered in a spot where we can easily load it on our next trip. I still have some stuff in the basement compartments that I need to load out.

After long deliberation we have decided that rather than selling outright our 2012 Tiffin Phaeton 40QTH motorhome – the one we lived in fulltime from late early-2012 through mid-2015 – we will look into trading it in on a smaller coach, a Class C. For those who are not familiar with motorhome designations, the large motorhomes like our Phaeton are called Class A. The van conversion types are called Class B. And the ones built on a truck chassis that still have the regular truck cab are called Class C. We have decided we will continue to travel via motorhome but only for trips of one to two week duration.

While we could certainly continue using our 40-foot motorhome, by trading now we will eliminate monthly mortgage payments of $1,100± and reduce the vehicle registration fees and insurance fees. As well, we will avoid having to replace all six tires soon at a cost of $3,000 to $4,000 and the six house batteries in a year or so at a cost of $900 to $1,200. If we are only using the motorhome a few times a year it is not worth it to continue carrying those higher costs.

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