Cracker Barrel breakfast. Social Club meeting. July birthdays dinner at North Mountain Brewing Co. New headlights.

gang at brewery
The Royal Palm gang who attended the July Birthday Bash at North Mountain Brewery

There being ten Royal Palm residents with birthdays in July, Sharlene Froberg came up with the idea of getting together to celebrate and Gail Brazell did the organizing; both have July birthdays. Gail set it up for all to gather at North Mountain Brewing Co at 522 E Dunlap Ave, not far from the Park. What a great gathering, and what a great place to eat! The group included some with July birthdays and family and invited guests, such as Elaine and me.

I tried a glass of Satan’s Gut Imperial Stout (Brewed with Smoke malts such as Beechwood, Cheery & Beechwood malts. They added some roasted Poblano, Jalapeno, Fresno and Ancho peppers); it was different from others I tried but it was good. When I first ordered it the waitress asked if I had had it before and I said I had not. She then said it is quite different and offered to bring me a small glass of it to taste before ordering. As I brought the glass to my nose I could tell it was different, and the first taste affirmed that. No question – I ordered it, and it was good! I agree, it IS different.

Elaine and burger
Elaine can’t possibly chomp on THIS burger!

I had their Shepherd’s Pie and loved it. Elaine had a burger topped with BBQ pulled pork and fried pickles. Huge! She said it was tasty.

Both of us brought home plenty of leftovers.

We started our day with Saturday breakfast out at Cracker Barrel on W Deer Valley Rd. Always delicious!

Then at 10:00 we went to the Royal Palm Social Club meeting. It was short, since there wasn’t a lot of business to discuss at this time of year.

Having not been happy with the results of trying an LED lightbar system on our golf cart I ordered a regular headlight and taillight kit that has LED bulbs. This replaces the whole headlight and turn signal unit in front and the whole taillight, brake light, and turn signal unit in the rear.

replacement headlights
The LED replacement headlight and turn signal set installed.

Pete Petersen came over this morning and started the installation project and did some more after the meeting. The headlights are done, but not the taillights. I tested them tonight and found that they can be adjusted just like auto headlights, which was the problem with the headlights that were on the golf cart when we bought it. But I am worried that these new lights are TOO bright, even when pointed downward. I will test some more tomorrow.

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