Flash floods. Golf cart lights.

flash flood
This is what a flash flood looks like – a wall of debris and water rushing at you. (Source: AZFamily.com, Photo courtesy of Amy Lloyd)

With monsoon comes the danger of flash floods. This is desert country, which means low annual rainfall and very few streams. But the whole area is “drained” with a wide series of dry washes; these have water flowing only when it rains in the watershed that feeds the wash. And the land that the washes drain is not flat; there is a noticeable slope from the foothills down through the “flatlands” below. When it rains up in the watershed the water flows down quickly and the washes become flooded. Especially in the outlying areas around the cities there are no culverts where the washes cross the roads, so the road just dips down to accommodate the wash and its flow.

Today up near Payson AZ one such wash experienced a sudden flash flood that swept through the Cold Springs swimming hole and took nine lives; one teenager is still missing.

These flash floods do not consist only of water. Logs, brush, and debris of all kinds gets swept into the wash and becomes a lethal wall of water and debris rushing down the wash. The flood comes without warning and people often get trapped or swept away.

It is important to stay in touch with weather warnings while out in the washes, for things can change very rapidly and become dangerous. And we can get similar problems in the cities.

We have a flash flood warning in effect for most of Arizona’s counties except those along the Colorado River on the west for tomorrow and maybe Tuesday.

The connector provided with the light kit. Notice how the colors do not match on each side of the connector. Black goes to red, red goes to white, white goes to black.

Pete and I worked on the rear lights for the golf cart today, but are not done. There are some strange things going on with the wiring and the lights are not working properly Directionals are not flashing, brake lights are not coming on, and the front signal lights and rear lights are on full time unless the key is off. There was also some confusion when we saw the wire colors on each side of the connectors they provided different (see photo). I posted a question to the seller on Amazon and need to do some more testing to give him more info.

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