Our turn for storm. Cooler today. Golf cart lights update. Newsletter.

I took the dogs out around 9:15 for their evening walk last night and was treated to a spectacular lightning display off to the northeast. The lightning was probably 20-25 miles away. About a half hour later the wind started blowing – hard. That is the first sign a monsoon storm is coming, for the wind direction was from where the lightning had been. Within 10-15 minutes the rain hit – hard – blowing horizontally. The storm ran for a half hour or more and then died out. This is typical of a summer monsoon storm around here.

This morning I spent about an hour cleaning up from the storm. Our deck was a mess, from rain, blown dirt, and dirt from pots tipped over. I started by sweeping the patio below to get rid of leaves and dirt and then I used a hose to wash down the deck and then the patio below. I got about half of the patio washed down but the rest will have to wait until I get the stuff moved that was recently brought from the motorhome.

Just before the storm last night the temperature was just under 100° but once the storm had started it dropped to 74°. So it was cooler this morning and we even had our front door open for an hour or so until it got too hot. I close it once the temp gets up to 83° or so, since it makes the air conditioning run. Kerby enjoyed laying on the floor in front of the open door. Our high temp here at the house today was just barely over 100°, though the official Phoenix high was 98. Our forecast high for tomorrow is 99, though it will return to normal after.

An update on the flooding deaths I reported yesterday from up near Payson AZ: there were two related young families celebrating the birthday of one of the mothers and all 14 were attacked by the sudden flash flood. Nine family members were killed outright and one of the young fathers has not yet been found, though the search continues. While flash floods of that nature are common, this one was made worse because the heavy storm hit an area on higher ground about eight miles away that had recently been burned in a wildfire, so there was lots of ash and timber debris. Without ground cover there was more soil erosion, so a lot of mud got washed down, too.

Pete and I did some more testing on the rear lights for the golf cart today and still could not figure out why the new ones did not work properly. I have been communicating with the seller to try to get information about how to solve this. In the meantime, we reinstalled the original rear lights.

I have worked a lot over the last few days on finalizing the August Royal Palm newsletter, and have it almost done. I should easily have it finished tomorrow, ready to go to the reviewers.

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