Newsletter almost done. More ads. Milder storm. Golf cart lights.

The push has been on over the last couple of days to wrap up the Royal Palm newsletter, and it went out to the reviewers this afternoon – meaning it is essentially done. That is always a good feeling. I will do the final edits tomorrow and deliver it to the printer on Thursday morn. It was a little more relaxing pace this month as I got more done earlier. I still need to do the spotlight interview earlier in the month, though!

I made the rounds and picked up three ads this morning – one is a new advertiser, the other two are regulars who renew monthly. I keep encouraging those two to prepay for five months so they can get the sixth month free, but they are not ready to do that. I hope the new advertiser will become a regular on a six-month basis. There are some more advertisers I want to contact and I plan to do so right after the first of the month.

I don’t know if we are going to get more tonight, but just after 6:00 pm we got a brief rain storm. During the late afternoon we could hear thunder and when I took the boys out around 4:30 I could see and hear the sound was coming from the southwest. However, there were a lot of very dark clouds off to the east and northeast, and that was the storm that was heading our way. With that storm the humidity is high – the dew point is around 70° right now.

I have had several email conversations with the sellers of the LED lights I recently bought for the golf cart. They finally told me today that while the wiring harness in the package I bought did not support turn signals and brake lights, the light assemblies do. So now Pete and I just have to figure out which wire (red or white) is for the taillights and which is for the brake and signal lights.

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