Newsletter delivered. RV shopping. Monsoon storm.

folding newsletters
Here’s the volunteer team who stuffed and folded the newsletters this morning.

The volunteer crew assembled this morning at 9:30 to stuff the newsletters with the two inserts, fold them, and wrap them with a rubber band preparatory to delivery. We had a larger-than-usual team this morning and the job got done faster than I could get them sorted into the bags for the delivery teams! As a result I got lost in my counts and worried that I was short about 30 newsletters, but Elaine and I found out later that I had forgotten that I had loaded the bag for the RV section! The count was actually proper.

Usually while the team is doing the folding I post newsletters on the six bulletin boards, deliver a set to the office for incoming new renters during the next month, and pack the seven delivery bags. While I don’t usually have time to sit while the folding is going on, today they were way ahead of me. As I told Elaine, from now on when we have as large a team I will wait and do the bulletin board and office delivery afterwards. Maybe I won’t get in a panic that way!

I had 330 newsletters printed this month; in the winter we print 400 or more when the snowbirds and RVers are in.

Elaine called Mary McDougale this morning and asked if she wanted to help deliver newsletters today. Two months ago Mary broke bones in one ankle and she has been laid up ever since. But this week her cast was changed and her doctor said she should get up and walk some each day. Mary was excited about getting out of the house and back to one of her many “jobs”. Usually Mary delivers newsletters to B Street while Elaine and I do D Street. But often Elaine teams up with Mary and they do both B and D together in our golf cart, as they did today.

This afternoon we went out to La Mesa RV’s Phoenix location on W McDowell Rd again. I had talked with the sales rep we met a few days ago and asked if we could test drive one of the models (Thor Chateau 28Z) we might be interested in, so he got it ready for us when we arrived. While there are some aspects of that model we like, there were also aspects we did not like and we decided we would no longer consider that one. I had already researched some others and had decided we would also consider two Winnebago and two Itasca models. We reviewed the features of the Winnebago Aspect WF727K and the Itasca Cambria 27K (the same floor plan for both) and found these to fall short as well. That leaves us with the Winnebago Aspect 30J or Itasca Cambria 30J (same floor plan for both again). We wanted to see one of those but La Mesa did not have one in Phoenix or Mesa so we can’t. They have one in Albuquerque and one in San Diego, and if we can come to agreement on terms they will have one of those delivered to Phoenix.

One salesperson highly suggested that we also look at the new Tiffin Wayfarer 24QW. This is Tiffin’s first entree into the Class C field and it is built on a Mercedes diesel Sprinter chassis. So we test drove one of those as well; we like many aspects of it but others not so much. It is shorter than we thought we wanted, at 24 ft. The others we looked at are 26-30 feet in length.

rain on window
Heavy rain against a north window

Having gone through all that we will think things over this weekend and decide what course of action to take next week.

About 6:15 this evening the wind suddenly picked up and within 15 minutes the rain hit us, hard. The rain only lasted about 20 minutes, as usual, and now we can see lots of blue sky overhead. That’s monsoon for you!

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