Motorhome clearing. Card class. Breakfast at JB’s.

motorhome stuff
I added the five plastic tubs and the sewer hoses today to the other stuff brought over earlier

I brought a couple more loads from the motorhome today. I packed five plastic tubs and brought them to the house. I removed the plaques from the front of the Phaeton, and I removed the sewer hoses from the storage tubes under the coach and brought all that as well. I think we can finish clearing the Phaeton with one or two more loads now. We need to get it ready for trading or selling; if all goes well we will deliver it next week. We will need to go through and do some interior cleanup and will run it through a truck wash for the exterior.

boat card
One of the cards Elaine made at class today

Elaine went to a card class today at The Paper Collage in Sun City West – the place she has been to many times over the months. This series of classes features designs that employ the use of Copic alcohol-based color pens for coloring stamped-on designs. I really like the designs she worked on today – nice scenes. The color effects she can achieve using the Copic pens is amazing. There are such subtle differences in color and shade available.


cactus card
Another card Elaine made at class today

We had breakfast at JB’s near 35th Ave and Northern this morning. We are very familiar with the JB’s chain, having eaten at several in Wyoming and in other states. I think this one is an older one; it seems to not have been updated as others we have seen have. JB’s food is usually good. Today we tried the breakfast buffet and were not favorably impressed with that offering. I had biscuits and sausage gravy; the gravy was watery and the biscuit was stale. I added scrambled eggs with cheese and they were dry. The link sausages were good, though. Elaine had french toast, which was good, as well as some sausages. We usually have sausages so we can bring some home for the boys.

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