More motorhome clearing. Elaine’s cards. Ron Murphy 80th birthday.

more motorhome stuff
Five more tubs and some other stuff was added to the pile today

I went back to the motorhome this morning, while it was cooler (about 90°) to remove more stuff. I hauled five more plastic tubs back to the house plus some other loose items, but I still have to purchase at least three more large tubs to finish the kitchen! It always amazes us how much stuff can get stored away in a motorhome! The pile on the patio is growing and growing. The next difficult job will be to sort through all this to decide what will go into the next motorhome we have. There is no question that that next motorhome will be smaller, and so there will be less room in which to store items. What’s more, we will only be using the new rig on an occasional basis rather than fulltime as we did in the Phaeton, so we won’t need to carry as much in any case.

bridge card
This beautiful card shows a peaceful bridge and stream scene
Sedona card
This one kind of reminds us of the Sedona area

Here’s more examples of the cards Elaine made yesterday. I think these may be my favorites (for now, anyway). The colors on these are so intense and striking – the scenes really stand out. They were not finished when she brought them home yesterday, but she finished them today. I love watching her work on these cards; she so enjoys what she is doing! In the case of the cards made in these card classes the design is already done and the colors selected. But Elaine ALWAYS makes at least some small changes to make the design her own.

Ron and Melody
Ron and Melody Murphy, celebrating Ron’s 80th birthday.

This afternoon we attended a surprise 80th birthday party for Ron Murphy. Ron and Melody are relatively new residents here in Royal Palm, and Melody has quickly become an active part of the community. About 25-30 people attended the party this afternoon; some were family members, some were friends, and the rest were from the Park. Melody put on a lunch meal with the help of some friends and family and the hall was very well decorated.


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