Dark thirty. Soaking rain. More motorhome shopping.

I got up around 6:30 this morning and was surprised to see it was dark enough in the kitchen I had to turn on the lights. I even double-checked the time, to see if by some chance it was 5:30 instead. It wasn’t. It was just that the sky was totally clouded, and that is unusual for Phoenix. I know it is only a matter of time before it will be dark enough at that time even with clear skies so I will have to turn on kitchen lights in the morning, though. I don’t turn on lights unless I really need them.

I took the boys out for a walk around 7:30 and felt a few stray rain drops while out. By 9:00 it started raining for real and shortly we had a moderate heavy rainfall coming down. This is the kind of storm that covers a large area and is not accompanied by strong winds; monsoon storms have high winds and are more localized. We got about a half inch in central Phoenix area but in the eastern outskirts Apache Junction got about 3½ inches. The storm was over for us by around 12:30 and the skies opened up. Right now, at 6:30 pm, there is lots of sunshine, though there are still clouds in the sky. And the humidity rose with the rain; it is now around 55%.

We made a trip to National Indoor RV Sales this afternoon so we could check out the Jayco line. They only have three and two had bunkbeds, which we don’t need. But it gave us a chance to at least check out the apparent quality of fit-and-finish in the Jayco line; it seems OK to me. While nothing they had would suit us, they will be getting the 2018 models in over the next few weeks.

On our way back home we stopped at Walmart to buy those three tubs I mentioned a couple of days ago that we need to finish clearing our Phaeton. I will probably work on that tomorrow morning.

Elaine is off playing cards tonight at the Card Room. It’s Hand & Foot tonight, I believe.


4 thoughts on “Dark thirty. Soaking rain. More motorhome shopping.”

  1. Hi!

    Last year when we were visiting McGeorge RV. We asked our friend who was the manager there what he would recommend if we were to downsize to a class C. He recommended Forest River. Sun seeker.
    Also Bob says Winnebago Aspect is another good one. Coach House is another. Happy shopping!

    1. Forest River looks good. The Winnebago Aspect (or Itasca Cambria) 30J would suit our needs. But we are looking at a Fleetwood Jamboree now; it has a bigger kitchen counter than the Aspect/Cambria.

  2. Dave I was wondering why you were getting rid of your old Moter home. Was it to big or just worn out?? I. Also have some new news. Last march my little pug passed away due to diabetes complications. My sister found me a new little baby pug. I am flying out of bzn tonight to spend sometime with my. Sister and bring my new little boy home good luck moter home shopping late smith

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